13.3 - Attachment 2

Minutes of the Byron Shire Council Public Art Assessment Panel Meeting held on Thursday 7 May 2015


PRESENT:   Cr P Spooner, Cr S Richardson


Staff:            Joanne McMurtry (Community Policy Officer)

                     Greg Ironfield (Manager Community Development)

                     Andy Erskine (Superintendent Parks)


Community: Peter Wood (Arts Northern Rivers)

                     Rick Molloy (Practising Artists Network)

                     Suvira McDonald (Community Artist member)

                     Paula Cordeiro (Community Artist member)

                     Tracey Whitaker (Community member)

                     Denise Napier (Community member)

                     Michele Zarro (Community member)


Paul Spooner opened the meeting at 9.30am and acknowledged that the meeting was being held on Bundjalung Country.


APOLOGIES:     Gavin Brown (Bundjalung of Byron Bay Aboriginal Corporation (Arakwal))




Suvira McDonald declared an interest in item 6.3 re Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk, being that he is one of the main proponents in the project.


Paul Spooner declared an interest in item 7.2 Public Art Small Grants Program, being that the Byron Community Centre, of which he is the General Manager, submitted an application.




There are ten people on the Panel. Quorum numbers were met.




That the minutes of the Public Art Assessment Panel meeting held on 10 April 2015 be adopted.      






6.1     Unity Pole


Following an update and discussion at the 10 April meeting, Andy Erskine met the artwork owners on site for discuss the best location for a horizontal placement of the artwork.


·    The image below shows the approximate location and length of the installation

·    Concrete plinths will be made (sympathetic to the artwork) for the pole to sit on

·    They will consult with the Bundjalung of Byron Bay (Arakwal) re the best siting direction of the snake that is carved on the pole

·    They are aware that the pole may need to be relocated at a later date depending on the outcome of the Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan

·    They are agreed that the cost of installation will be covered entirely by themselves.


art spaces 002




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council that the Unity Pole be installed in Denning Park east of the Byron Bay Surf Club not far from the current pedestrian path overlooking the beach as agreed with the owner and artist of the artwork.


Council note that:

1.   All installation costs will be born by the proponents

2.   That a vote of thanks be made to the organisers of the Uplift Festival where the Unity Pole was carved, and the artist for their generosity in donating this artwork to the Byron Shire community.



6.2     Identification of appropriate public art locations


Rick Molloy has researched the populations of different areas in the Byron Shire and made a comparison of the number of public artworks in different areas. It has been identified that there is imbalance in the distribution of public art around the Shire compared to the population of different towns and areas. Two areas identified as having no public artworks, but a high percentage of the population are Suffolk Park and Ocean Shores.




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council that:


1.   Two priority areas have been identified for future public art in the Shire – Ocean Shores and Suffolk Park


2.   Local groups in Ocean Shores and Suffolk Park be notified that Council would be pleased to receive applications to donate or loan artwork to the community in these locations.

(Molloy/ Cordeiro)


·    identify who owns the land in key locations in Ocean Shores and Suffolk Park and provide information to the next PAAP meeting about constraints that may exist re approval of any public artworks

·    identify possible funds from the open space budget that may contribute to public artworks in the identified locations

·    note other areas identified by Andy Erskine that may benefit from public art eg Butler St Reserve toilets. Paul Spooner happy to talk to the market organisers about suggesting a project here. These may be possible locations to suggest to Inscribe Youth Street Art project.


6.3     Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk


A letter was received by Council from Creative Mullumbimby with a request for a contribution towards the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk from Council of $5,000. (letter S2015/5252)


Suvira McDonald left the meeting for this item.




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council that a donation of $5,000 be made from the public art budget to the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk for the following reasons:


1.   Council has previously supported a Development Application for this project;


2.   There is evidence of strong community support for the project


3.   A recent crowd funding exercise conducted by Creative Mullumbimby (supported by Creative Partnerships Australia with matched funds) has been very successful.

(Richardson/ Whittaker)


6.4       Public Art Budget


Budget allocations were made at the meeting for the following projects:


·    Electricity Padmount substations project ($3,000)

·    Public Art Small Grants ($2,000)

·    Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk donation ($5,000)




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council that $5,000 of public art budget from 2014/15 be carried over to the 2015/16 budget to fund a significant public art project in Ocean Shores. Suggested sites to consider for public art include the main roundabouts at Ocean Shores, the Ocean Shores Community Centre, Water Lilly Park or the new Shara Boulevard Sports Fields.

(Wood/ Cordeiro)


6.5     Memorial Seat, Brunswick Heads


Following further contact with the organiser of this project, and further information supplied to the PAAP, the following suggestions were made:



·    Andy to liaise with the organiser of the project re more suitable locations

·    Suggest the idea of working with the Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce ‘Ten Seats Project’

·    As the seat will be placed on public land, the committee require final designs to be submitted including, but not limited to:

3D or 2D drawings showing dimensions of the FINAL design

Colour palette to be used

Sample of the curved mosaic to ensure public safety

·    Suggest the mosaic artist could assist with these final designs

·    See also item 7.2






7.1     Public Art Commission – Electricity Padmount Substations (Byron Bay and Mullumbimby)


The submissions from the two shortlisted artists were considered.




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council that following on from an expressions of interest process, to award the commission of the artwork on the two electricity padmount substations as follows:


1.   The Mullumbimby padmount to Karma Barnes and Inscribe Youth Street Arts Project ($1,500)

2.   The Byron Bay padmount to Stay Gold/ Nitsua team ($1,500)

(Wood/ Richardson)




·    The PAAP will require firm concept designs to be approved prior to work commencing. These concept designs will also need to be approved by Essential Energy.

·    A small group of PAAP members was selected to work with the artists – Peter Wood, Tracey Whittaker and Simon Richardson.




7.2     Public Art Small Grants Program


Three submissions were received by the closing date of (strictly 12 noon) 6 May.


Paul Spooner left the meeting for this item.




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council that:


1.   Three successful projects to be funded for $500 each include:


a.   ‘Simpsons Sofa’ artwork (to be installed for the Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk) subject to point 3 below

b.   Fishtales – ceramic fish mosaic (to be installed for the Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk)

c.   Fletcher Street entrance to the Byron Community Centre murals – Inscribe Youth Street Arts Project


2.   That a further $500 be awarded to the Brunswick Heads Memorial Seat project to assist them to provide proper formatted designs showing the resolved construction methods for the project.

3.   The ‘Simpsons Sofa’ project will receive the funding described in 1 above subject to:

a.   satisfactory ongoing maintenance of the sculpture

b.   Final concept designs being submitted to the PAAP for a permanent art installation donated to Council.

(Molloy/ Cordeiro)



·    Request that the Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk liaise with Andy Erskine re park and open space requirements for the Simpsons Sofa and other sculptures if required.

·    That for the next round of funding, a grant application form be developed to make it clearer what the application for funds will be used for.





The next meeting of the Public Art Assessment Panel will be 1.30 – 3.30am 6 August 2015.



There being no further business the meeting concluded at 11.40am.