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Public Art Small Grants Program – Round 1 April 2015



The proposed Public Art Small Grants Program came about due to some sports groups in the Shire wanting to upgrade their public amenities and kiosk buildings.



Public Art Small Grants are available of up to $500 per project (two projects per annum) to deliver against one of the public art priorities listed below. The grants are available to fund small public art projects within the Byron Shire.


Projects that can identify a third party partnership in either supporting the project or assistance with the delivery of the project will be highly regarded.


Public Art Priorities

·    Projects that reflect the community core values and enable visitors to easily interpret the message.

·    Projects that:

respect and enhance the identity and sense of place,

reflect the cultural diversity of the community,

respects the history of the place and community, and

recognises Aboriginal cultural heritage.

·    Projects that are educational, meaningful and aesthetically stimulating.

·    Projects that combat graffiti in areas where graffiti is an ongoing problem.

·    Projects that support local creative industries.


Objectives and Anticipated Outcomes

1.   Provide a process to deal with small public art proposals where there is currently no provision;


2.   Provide Council with an opportunity to assess public art proposals on sports fields and other public buildings/ public areas;


3.   Provide an opportunity for community members/groups to strengthen links and increase community involvement in public art activities;


4.   Priority groups, areas and issues can be directly targeted through the guidelines and terms of reference.


5.   Council strengthens its relationship with the artistic community in the Shire through engagement and recognising and valuing their participation in Council business.


6.   To increase the number and type of partnerships in delivering public art projects in the Byron Shire.


Program Evaluation

·    Quality and number of activities delivered successfully;

·    Value for money;

·    Impact of activities on wellbeing indicators (such as increased participation in community activities, increased sense of belonging, reduction in harmful behaviours, reduction in crime);

·    Partnerships and support networks that are developed and encouraged through this process;

·    Artwork that is created in a professional manner;

·    Relevance and appropriateness of the work to the site;

·    Improved image and perception of public art in the Shire;

·    Improved knowledge amongst the community of Council’s support of public art in the Shire.


Essential Criteria

·    The project meets one or more of the public art priorities listed above.

·    The project meets one or more of the objectives of this program as listed above.

·    Project able to be completed within the strict 12-month time-frame.

·    The project represents artistic quality delivered in a professional manner.

·    The project demonstrates a strong partnership element in terms of funding and delivery.

·    The artist or organisation has provision for insurance and other liabilities and a risk management plan is provided.

·    The project represents good value for money in furthering public art outcomes.


Preferred Criteria

·    Will involve community members in the project delivery (shows capacity building).

·    Are inter-generational and multi-cultural

·    Shows income (cash and/ or in-kind) from sources other than Byron Shire Council.

·    Maintenance of the artwork will not be onerous.


What will not be funded

·    Money for personal use, capital or equipment purchases

·    Public Art projects outside the Byron Shire

·    Ongoing projects

·    Projects that have already been commenced (funds will not be supplied retrospectively)


Application and approvals process


Applications need to be made on the application form(s) provided and supplied to Council prior to a scheduled Public Art Assessment Panel meeting. In all cases, a Public Art Application Form is to be submitted. If the artwork is exposed to the weather and in a public place with likely risks to the public, a ‘maintenance manual’ and a ‘risk assessment’ will also be required.


The closing date for this round is strictly 12noon Wednesday 6 May 2015.


The Public Art Assessment Panel will assess the application against the criteria and make a recommendation to Council about the grant project proposal. If Council endorses the recommendation, the applicant will be notified in writing that their project has been approved for grant funding.


Once the project has been approved, work can commence. The grant will be paid in two instalments – one instalment at the commencement of the project, and one instalment at the conclusion of the project to the satisfaction of Byron Shire Council. A one-page report will be required to receive the final instalment of funds which can be used to summarise the project, the purpose of the project, who was involved, the outcomes, how the money was spent and including at least one photo. Projects will preferably be no longer than a maximum of 9 months duration, and need to be completed within twelve months of commencement.