14.3 - Attachment 1

Minutes of Meeting










Local Traffic Committee Meeting





Conference Room, Station Street, Mullumbimby


Wednesday, 24 June 2015



Committee Members

Jessica Healey– Roads and Maritime Services

Snr Constable Ray Wilson – Police

Cr Duncan Dey

Hon Tamara Smith MP











                                                                                                                               14.3 - Attachment 1

Report of the Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 24 June 2015

File No: I2015/608



Meeting Commenced:   10.40 am



Councillor:  Cr Duncan Dey

Roads and Maritime Services Representative: Jessica Healey

Police:  Snr Constable Ray Wilson

Observer: Gary Hughes (Mullumbimby Bus Service) Item 6.1

Observer: Cr Rose Wanchap Item 6.2

Staff:  Simon Bennett, Phillip Holloway (items 6.2, 6.17, 6.18), Helen Waldron (Minute Taker)



There were no apologies



Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest raised.


Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meetings



That the minutes of the Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on 1 April 2015 be confirmed.



Matters Arising


Outstanding Issues/Resolutions



Regulatory Matters

Report No. 6.1             Wilsons Creek Public School Bus Zone Changes and New Bus Bay

File No:                        I2015/566


Council are currently constructing a new bus bay due to be completed with RMS Safety Around Schools Funding 2014/15. The funding of $200,000 is envisioned to cover 100% of the cost, thereby meeting Council’s resolved position (as below, Res 15-079, Part 4).


Council were able to secure the funding at a late stage in the financial year due to another programmed project elsewhere in the state not proceeding and the fact Council had a detailed construction design plan already completed and the project being in effect ‘shovel ready’.  Council’s ability to deliver external funded projects such as this year’s black spot projects also assisted.


This welcomed funding will provide an indented bus bay on the school side which is considerably safer and more desirable than the current bus zone opposite the school and which requires the school children to be escorted across the road.


To this end Committee endorsement of the new bus zone is sought, to be effective school zone times only. The removal of the existing bus zone opposite is also recommended and in doing will effectively require both the in and out bound services to use the new school side bus bay.


This outcome however will impact 1 of the 4 services provided by the sole bus operator whose PM outbound (westbound) schedule will require a safe vehicle turn around area as close to the town (east) side of the school as possible. Current discussions with stakeholders include use of a smaller vehicle, thereby requiring less area for a forward turn around, or permit the PM outbound service only to enter the bus bay contra-flow (i.e. in an opposite direction) to other traffic. While uncommon, it is believed it can be safely managed given the two buses each morning and from the same service provider, thereby they can ensure only one bus is ever within the new bus bay at a time.


Committee advice on such a suggestion however is sought, while recent and related resolved matters are copied below as background, noting the bus operator will attend to discuss their implications.


30 April 2015 Council made the following three resolutions:


15-194 Resolved…in regard to Report No.6.5 - School bus route approval, Mullumbimby-Wilson's Creek-Huonbrook…:


a)   That Council recognises the need for, and holds no objections to, the school bus routes as detailed within Transport for NSW Contract N1060 and N2903 as held with Mullumbimby Bus Service and the principal operator Gary Hughes; and


b)   That Transport for NSW and the NSW Department of Education be advised of the Local Traffic Committee:


i)          preference that a smaller vehicle be required and form part of the aforementioned or future contracts to undertake services that travel Wilson’s Creek Road and more specifically those that service Wilson’s Creek Public School; and


ii)         concerns for safety and risks relating to the current  school bus arrangements at the Wilson’s Creek Public School and request for the named parties to be involved including approvals, concurrence and funding, to resolve the matters raised.


15-204 Resolved that Council call a meeting in the first or second week of May with the following bodies plus Council staff and Councillors who wish to attend, to resolve the impasse on volunteer training and to bring forward the construction of the 40kmh zone AT Wilsons Creek Public School.  Those bodies are: Departments of Education, Transport, RMS.


15-205 Resolved that Council receive a report outlining potential of training other volunteers in traffic management accreditation including the possible costs to Council.


On 26 February 2015 Council resolved:


15-079 Resolved:


1.That a new design be developed which allows the School bus and students to board and embark on the School site.


2. That staff pursue the possibility of a smaller bus being used and if not possible under the current  contract, than it should be part of new contract.


3.  That Council notes the new proposed design allows improved safety and will cost less than the previously approved design.


4. That Council notes the potential for 100% funding from the RMS if the design meets their requirements and can be commenced prior to June 2015.



On 23 April 2009 Council resolved:


09-261 Resolved that the No Standing signs at Wilson’s Creek Primary School, installed as per Council resolution 08-614, be removed.



On 23 October 208 Council resolved as follows.


08-614 Resolved:


1. That the interim measure for a temporary bus bay on the northern side of the road, as proposed for Wilsons Creek Primary School, be supported and conveyed to the School.


2. That funding options for the more permanent measures proposed of a formal bus bay, footpath and retaining wall be investigated.





Committee Comments

·     noted one of the bus services using Wilson’s Creek Primary School will still need to use the opposite side of the road even after the new bus bay is completed  

·     contra flow is not currently supported by Police or RMS, further investigation required

·     a supervised trial of contra flow arrangement suggested as way to assess its safety

·     a physical barrier between road and bus could be added to the site to assist contra-flow

·     noted the road width is not there for the design to meet standard

·     Transport for NSW has $1.6m state wide funding for the coming financial year in regard to bus facilities

·     Noted a smaller bus is only useful if a turnaround is established east of the School, or contra-flow allowed.

·     Concern also raised for the parking west of the school driveway which is not signed and people park angled to the fence line which restricts sightlines further

·     On basis of above Council to undertake further assessment of options following completion of new bus bay and report back via the Committee before further changes made


Management Comments




1.       That the new school side bus bay at Wilsons Creek Public School be endorsed and        signed as a bus zone, effective school days 8.45am-9.45am and 3.30pm-4.00pm       (subject to confirmation with the School).


2.       That Council note that there remain safety issues that will be overcome by having the    westbound bus able to turn around east of the School, which if occurs would remove     the need to consider a contra flow which is not supported by the Local Traffic         Committee at this time.


3.       That Council note that staff will investigate further grant opportunities to achieve the    safety described in point two.


4.       That once works are complete Council examine procedures, such as contra flow for      the buses or other possible options, to minimise risk to the children and the need for        them to cross the road.


5.       That following completion of the bus bay, staff examine parking options west of the       School including safety and sightlines.




Report No. 6.2             Two Lanes Inbound, Lawson Street, Byron Bay

File No:                        I2015/567


On 5 February 2015 Council resolved as follows:


15-021 Resolved that:

1.    Council provide a continuous second in bound lane commencing 50 metres north of the Shirley/Butler Street roundabout in Byron Bay through to the Lawson/Jonson Street roundabout;


2.    The purpose is to improve operation and movement at and between the aforementioned roundabouts and is to   maintain the existing lane configuration west of the Jonson/Lawson Street intersection which includes a dedicated left-turn lane and a combined through and right lane; and


3.    the $206,000 within s94 reserved for Byron Bay traffic management be made available for this project including the completion of detailed design and cost estimates, obtainment of approvals and construction.


4.    this resolution be reported to the next Local Traffic Committee meeting for their advice and comment. Where staff consider such advice and comment to be significant in regards to safety, the matter be returned to Council for further consideration.


5.    where practical and appropriate this project be designed and delivered with consideration of the Byron Bay town centre bypass.



Extract of the engineering design plans are shown, while the full version will be tabled for discussion and has progressed to 85% complete.  Any changes the Committee wish to make is now sought as is endorsement of the regulatory matters contained with the design plan.


Fig 1: depicts 50m north of roundabout at Lawson/Butler St; 5 car spaces lost, changes achieved within existing road


Fig 2: depicts rail crossing to Lawson/Jonson St; minor kerb re-alignment;  new footpath


In summary, the design seeks to minimise cost and hard infrastructure changes which are essentially limited to work within the existing road (kerb to kerb) and involves minor realignment of kerb east of the rail crossing, and removal of kerb extensions and line marked right-hand turn bays.


The slight modification to kerb line at the rail crossing includes relocation of fence and addition of sections of new footpath for better pedestrian delineation, which also be enhanced by the kerb extension and landscaped blister between the entry/exit of the Lawson Street south car park.


The project is scheduled for delivery this calendar year.


Referral of the design plan to John Holland Rail for their concurrence in their capacity as the current managing agent of state owned rail infrastructure is also required.




Fig 3: east of roundabout at Lawson/Butler St to rail crossing

Committee Comments

·        noted the design does include risks, which include:


         a.       noted motorists may not adhere to the left in / left out movements at Caltex Service                           Station and First Sun Caravan Park

         b.       design closes off current pedestrian access

         c.       fencing lines being removed

         d.       lane widths come down to 3.1 – 3.2 m inbound (outbound lane is 3.5 m)

         e.       Caltex Service Station and First Sun lose right hand turn in (they have been made                             aware of this)

         f.        stormwater – drainage needs to be improved, but that will not be part of this project

          g.       noted Council needs the concurrence of the John Holland Group for works which will               occur on Rail land – there will be costs involved both in the approval process and the                 physical works to occur on their land

          h.       signs proposed on design will be altered to RMS preference of ‘stacked’ signage

          i.        outdated signage will be replaced as part of the project (e.g. No Standing should now                be No Stopping)

          j.        potential motorists will be ‘trapped’ in the left lane and will attempt to change lanes in a               congested space

          k.       five parking spaces being removed

          l.        line marking in the ‘through lane’ on Shirley Street to be investigate to make sure it                    does not exclude u-turns at the roundabout



Management Comments




1.       That the GHD engineering design plan for the proposed ‘Two Lanes Inbound (Lawson Street, Byron Bay)’ be endorsed for the creation of a second inbound lane on Lawson      Street, Byron Bay, commencing from 50m north of the Butler Street roundabout and          continuing east to the existing two lane configuration west of the Jonson Street          roundabout, including:


a)      the existing No Stopping on the east side of Shirley Street be extended          further north of the Butler Street roundabout to the driveway of 3 Shirley Street    (approximately a 40m extension resulting in loss 5 car spaces);


b)      a new ‘left turn only’ lane;


c)      left in and left out movement only allowed on the Lawson Street access and egress locations at the First Sun Caravan Park and the Caltex Service Station,        both of which lose their protected on-street right-turn bays; and


d)      acceptance the design does not and cannot provide for or include dedicated on     road cycling space due to limited, existing road width.


2.       That Council notes and accepts the compromises and risks as detailed in the attached ‘Issues Register’ and the ‘Safety in Design Risk Assessment’.


3.       That the design be referred to John Holland Rail for their concurrence and requirements regarding changes upon or that affect state owned rail infrastructure.




Report No. 6.3             NAIDOC Event, Jonson Street Parade, Byron Bay 9 July 2015

File No:                        I2015/568


The annual NAIDOC week is to again include a street parade along Jonson Street, Byron Bay. Previous events have been held under Police escort and no reported problems with the event has been provided.  As such endorsement for the following is sought.


A temporary road closure that will affect access of Jonson Street, Byron Bay between Marvell Street and Bay Street during the hours of 10am and 11am on Thursday 9 July 2015.  The street parade will proceed from Railway Park at 10am and conclude at Apex Park, Main Beach by 11am.


Traffic delays during this time can be expected.



Committee Comments

No comments for this item


Management Comments

·    staff have arranged and placed advertising on the assumption Council approval will be forthcoming for this event which will have been held by the time Council endorse the event, expected 16 July

·    organisers of this event have been reminded that despite it being an annual and recurring event, application still needs to be made and that Council’s relevant fees and charges still apply



That Council endorse the NAIDOC Celebration, Street Walk and Family Day to be held in Byron Bay on Thursday 9 July 2015, subject to the:


a)       use of an accredited designed and implemented Traffic Control Plan, OR under Police escort

b)       event being advertised in the local newspaper and notified on Council's website

c)       consideration of any submissions received

d)       proponent’s lodgement of current and appropriate levels of insurance and liability cover; and

e)       attainment (by the event proponent) of written authority to hold the street walk from the Police




Report No. 6.4             Middleton Street, Byron Bay - Changes and car park upon Crown Reserve

File No:                        I2015/569


The 11 June 2015 Reserve Trust Committee meeting of Council received a report with two layout options for a car park upon crown reserve land which require changes to the adjacent Middleton Street, Byron Bay.  The subsequent resolution seeks Committee advice on both options which are reproduced below.


Both options retain the existing west to east one-way operation of Bay Street and estimated to provide similar numbers of car spaces (approx. 55-60) most of which will be upon crown reserve.


Of the two:-


Option 1 - offers the least change by retaining the main existing traffic movement from Bay Street onto Middleton Street.


Option 2 - however appears to result in less constraints (e.g. at intersections) and may not require the STOP line/sign as indicated upon the below sketch for the northbound Middleton Street traffic on the proviso Bay Lane is upgraded from a Give Way to a STOP.


Option 1


Traffic remains on road from Bay Street to Middleton Street, which is the major traffic movement. Middleton Street between Bay Lane and Bay Street becomes one-way north to south. 


Vehicles that enter from Middleton Street at Lawson Street have no option but to enter the car park unless Bay Lane one way is changed from west-east to east-west. 


Such a change would require consultation and not recommended.


An alternative option which may hold merit however is the inclusion of a turning circle upon Middleton Street at the intersection with Bay Lane to provide opportunity for those not wishing to traverse through the car park.


However regardless of its inclusion or not, little traffic impact of the option is apparent despite the new “No stopping” required on Middleton Street (as per red lines) which is more than offset by the increased car parking achieved.


Option 2


Traffic lane effectively terminates at end of Bay Street, whereupon traffic will have to enter the car park.


One way upon Middleton Street between Bay Lane and Bay Street is reversed to being south to north. 


Vehicles that enter from Middleton Street remain on road to end before having to loop back via the car park unless Bay Lane one way is changed from west-east to being east-west.


Such a change would require consultation and not recommended, or a turning circle be considered however its need and benefit is less for this option when compared to Option 1.





Committee Comments

·        While it does offer fewer conflict points the Committee were advised by Council management that Option 2 will not be supported by the Crown as it effectively continues Bay Street onto crown land which is where the car park is proposed unless Council wish to purchase the land and dedicate it as road. Such a decision is for Council not the Committee.

·        Committee however support Option 1 as it allows Bay Street through traffic to stay on the road and enter the car park if they wish

·        The Committee also suggest (but not required) that the design consider the provision of either a small roundabout or turning circle at Bay Lane  and Middleton Street to better control traffic movement and simplify the intersection.



Management Comments




1.       That Council notes that the Local Traffic Committee prefers Option 1 for proposed changes to the north end of Middleton Street, Byron Bay, including consideration of a turning circle or roundabout for traffic at the Bay Lane – Middleton Street intersection.


2.       That such changes be the subject of an approved detailed design, including line marking and signage, all of which can proceed subject to meeting of standards and that adequate ‘one-way’, ‘No Entry’, and ‘Road Ends’ signage and pavement marking be provided where required. 


3.       That ‘No Stopping’ be endorsed for the west side of Middleton Street, between Bay Street and Bay Lane.




Report No. 6.5             Byron Bay Writers Festival, Bayshore Drive Traffic Management, 7-9 August 2015

File No:                        I2015/570


This annual event has no significant changes to the temporary traffic management which is effective for its duration and undertaken in accordance with an accredited designed and implemented traffic control plan. No road closure is required and a temporary speed limit of 40kph is signed and effective north of the rail line. As such endorsement as per previous years is sought.




Committee Comments

once the TCP is developed, a copy should be emailed to the Local Traffic Committee for information



Management Comments




That Council approves the temporary traffic control measures related to the August 2015 Byron Bay Writers Festival subject to the:


a)      use of an accredited designed and implemented Traffic Control Plan;

b)      meeting of the advertising requirements of the Roads Act 1993;

c)      consideration of any submissions received;

d)      event being notified on Council's website; and

e)      timely lodgement of current and appropriate levels of insurance and liability cover.




Report No. 6.6             Road Closure, Byron Lighthouse Run, Byron Bay -  Sunday
18 October 2015

File No:                        I2015/571


No changes are proposed to this annual run/walk charity fundraiser event which will again have traffic control and a temporary road closure effective between 7am and 8am upon Lighthouse Road between Brooke Drive (at The Pass) and Palm Valley Way (entry to Wategos).  


As such endorsement is sought on the basis the previous years conditions are again met. 



Committee Comments

No Committee comments for this item.



Management Comments




That Council endorses the 10km Byron Lighthouse Fun Run to be held in Byron Bay on Sunday 18 October 2015, subject to:


a)      the use of an accredited designed and implemented Traffic Control Plan


b)      meeting of the advertising requirements of the Roads Act 1993


c)      the event being notified on Council's website


d)      consideration by Council staff should any submissions be received


e)      the proponent’s lodgement of current and appropriate levels of insurance and liability cover; and


f)       the attainment (by the event proponent) of Cape Byron Headland Trust written      concurrence of the event




Report No. 6.7             10th Annual Rainbow Ride Cycle Challenge, 20 September 2015

File No:                        I2015/572


This annual event proposes to reverse its route for this year and start at Currumbin on the Gold Coast but conclude as usual at the Ewingsdale community hall which is located on the no through road of William Flick Lane which will again be closed to through traffic.


Another proposed change is subject to the new highway and St Helena tunnel operating by the event date of 20 September.


If occurs the event proposes to leave south of Mullumbimby as usual via Coolamon Scenic Drive and follow it up Montecollum but then continue onto St Helena whereby cyclists will follow what is currently the highway back to Ewingsdale.


However if approval for such a route is not forthcoming and/or the new highway is not open the route seeks approval to remain on local roads and travel from Montecollum and continue as previous years to Possum Shoot Road then follow it and then Myocum Road through to the Ewingsdale Hall.


Endorsement of the event is based on conditions as per previous years with the addition RMS concurrence also be sought separate to the LTC endorsement given the highway works and the proposal to use the current highway section between St Helena and Ewingsdale Road.



Committee Comments

·        noted the event is different to previous years in that it won’t include and the cyclists will not be entering Byron Bay

·        noted that if the Highway is open, the cyclists will use Coolamon Scenic Drive to St Helena

·        noted that all bicycle events should be conducted in accordance with ‘NSW Guidelines for Bicycle Road Races’, as this ensures signage consistency



Management Comments




That the temporary traffic arrangements for the Rainbow Ride Cycle Challenge be endorsed for Sunday 20 September 2015, including the road closure of William Flick Lane, Ewingsdale between 9am and 3pm, subject to the:


a)      use of accredited, designed and implemented traffic control plans that comply with the           NSW Guidelines for Bicycle Road Races;


b)      organisers implementing plans for signage, motor escort, advertising and other details as proposed in their submission;


c)      public liability insurance being current and not less than $20 million;


d)      concurrence of the Police and RMS, independent of the Local Traffic Committee endorsement;


e)      advertising in accordance with the Roads Act 1993;


f)       event and road closure being notified on Council's website; and


g)      proponent providing Council a copy of written acceptance of the road closure from the relevant RMS manager or their nominated representative overseeing the Pacific Highway upgrade.





Report No. 6.8             Request for 60kph limit, Ewingsdale Road from Pacific Highway to west of McGettigans Lane

File No:                        I2015/573


The new Byron Central hospital will be constructing a single lane roundabout on Ewingsdale Road, its approximate location shown by the green circle below.  The red line depicts the existing 60kph limit while the blue line (currently 80kph) represents the proposed extension of the 60kph limit to 340m further east and thereby covering the emergency vehicle access and egress depicted by the red circle.


The roundabout design will be tabled at the meeting and has been subject of Council and RMS advice with a design speed of 35kph to be achieved.


The Committee support of the extension of the 60kph is sought, which if forthcoming will recommend Council refer the matter to RMS for approval.  It should be noted however by making such a change the resulting, reduced 80kph speed zone between the subject site and east to sports centre roundabout will be approximately 1.6km in length.




Committee Comments

·        noted a length of 190m is required to cover the access to the Ambulance Station however preferable it go further for benefit of traffic entering/leaving the site

·        RMS approval required, but such a small adjustment will if approved be done as an operational matter and therefore not require a full speed zone review 


Management Comments




That Council supports the Local Traffic Committee endorsement that the existing 60kph speed limit on Ewingsdale Road, Ewingsdale west of Woodford Lane be extended 270m eastward to the western boundary of the new Ambulance Station allotment, once the Byron Central Hospital roundabout is operational and subject to RMS approval.





Report No. 6.9             Proposed No Entry - Authorised Vehicles Excepted - Suffolk Park Holiday Park

File No:                        I2015/574


Council’s Acting Team Leader compliance supports the holiday park management request to restrict general vehicle access and proposes the site be signed as ‘No Entry – Authorised Vehicles  Excepted’.


Precedent exists with the Committee endorsing such exception to the rule for parking in Byron Bay at the front of the police station and on Jonson Street.


It therefore proposed the same apply in this instance, thereby allowing park management to advise Rangers as and when necessary of infringements.


The site is Council land, classified as community and located at 143 Alcorn Street, Suffolk Park NSW 2481 (Parcel Number 237911, Lot 100, DP 1023737).





Committee Comments

·        noted a Restricted Parking Area requires marked car parks and not possible at this site

·        consultation should occur with the Park Manager re installation of a supplementary plate to clarify that residents and their guests are welcome

·        recommend the new signage be installed inside the park and not at the street frontage.



Management Comments




1.       That the Council owned land which operates the Suffolk Park Holiday Park, as located at 143 Alcorn Street, Suffolk Park (Parcel Number 237911, Lot 100, DP 1023737), be endorsed and signed as ‘No Entry – Authorised Vehicles Excepted’.


2.       That Council note the Local Traffic Committee preference for the sign or signs to be located inside the property near the office and not on Alcorn Street.




Report No. 6.10           Request for time limit, Bayshore Drive, Arts and Industry Estate, Byron Bay

File No:                        I2015/577


Via endorsement of this Committee, Council has introduced time limits in the Arts and Industry Estate for the first time as follows:


14-641 Resolved that a 1P time limit which applies Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 12 noon be endorsed and signed on the western side of Bayshore Drive Byron Bay, from Banksia Drive to Centennial Circuit.


This existing time limit is depicted top of picture by the green line.  A business further south toward the Grevillea Street intersection now also seeks time limits to also assist with turnover.  If this is supported it is recommended that the:


1.   same time limit duration (1P) and the same days and times apply as per Res 14-641for the length depicted by the red line (approx. 40m); and


2.   existing bus stop (red circle) be relocated to immediately north of the intersection (yellow circle) which is supported by the bus operator and will help with the complaints received regarding vehicles parking to close to the intersection; and hence the recommendation that the


3.   No Stopping be extended to 15m north of the intersection (as per yellow line).






Committee Comments

Committee were advised of similar request from nearby Banksia Drive and accepted staff suggestion consultation would extend to them also



Management Comments




1.       That ‘No Stopping’ apply for a 15m length on the west side of Bayshore Drive, north of Grevillea Street, Byron Bay.


2.       That ‘No Parking’ be signed for the length of the bus stop, which is to be demarcated by a single J-Pole, relocated south of its existing site on the west side of Bayshore Drive to 30m north of Grevillea Street, Byron Bay.


3.       That on the west side of Bayshore Drive, between 35m and 77m north of Grevillea Street, Byron Bay a 1P time limit be signed as effective Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 12.00 noon, conforming with such limits nearby.


4.       That consultation with all tenants with access to and from the west side of Bayshore Drive (between Grevillea Street and Banksia Street) and those on Banksia Drive (between Bayshore Drive and Acacia Street) be undertaken to ascertain support of adopting such time limits.




Report No. 6.11           Request for No Stopping Driveway Access to Bus Depot, 11-15 Smith Street, Mullumbimby

File No:                        I2015/578


The Mullumbimby bus line operator seeks support to have ‘No Stopping’ marked adjacent to the two depot driveways located at 11-15 Smith Street, Mullumbimby.


The arrangement is depicted and will stop vehicles from parking at, near and sometimes across the driveway which impedes vehicle access to and egress from the depot.  The length of ‘No Stopping’ be approximately 40m in length, 15m of which is the two driveways meaning 25m of new ‘No Stopping’ will result which is parking for about 4 cars.


The demand for on-street parking however is low and not expected to cause a problem for adjacent traders, noting opposite the depot a new site is being developed with four units providing on-site parking.





Committee Comments

·        concern for precedent and noted likely to lead to further such requests

·        noted that parking in the Mullumbimby Industrial Estate should be reviewed as whole

·        noted ‘No Stopping’ signage is not required across a driveway, as the law already covers this

·        suggested a blister could be painted to give the driveway the appearance of being splayed, however this would be at a greater cost sand can be considered in addition if needed

·        noted the demand for parking is increasing, as more units and premises are being built on the Industrial Estate including an increasing ‘retail’ focus 

·        the No Stopping zone should be implemented with three No Stopping signs only at first and supplementary yellow line marking can be provided later if warranted



Management Comments




1.       That ‘No Stopping’ apply on the north side from 5m west of the driveway of number 11 Smith Street to 5m east of the driveway of number 15 Smith Street, Mullumbimby.


2,       That Council review the new arrangement, including the potential physical changes to driveway access.




Report No. 6.12           Proposed Driveway Access, New Aged Care Facility, Brunswick Valley Way, Ocean Shores

File No:                        I2015/580


Council has received an application for an aged care /seniors living development to be situated as shown between the regional road / tourist drive of Brunswick Valley Way and the local street network of Balemo Drive with a local access via the cul-de-sac off Kulgun Court, Ocean Shores.


However as also shown it is preferred traffic from further afield are provided with a direct and full access and egress to/from Brunswick Valley Way.  The driveway would be located within the existing 50kph speed zone, however the approach from the north which provides a sight distance of approximately 150m is mainly within the 80kph speed zone.


Committee endorsement of the proposal is sought, subject to meeting AustRoads standard for driveway design and sight distances for such a location.




Committee Comments

noted RMS concurrence is required as part of the s138 approval



Management Comments

The LTC recommendation if endorsed does not provide approval, but rather support for the proponent to further progress the proposal.  Such progression will include Council’s own DA assessment and conditions and meeting of any RMS requirements, given their involvement is due to the proposal being upon a regional road.



That subject to meeting the AustRoads standard for driveway design and sight distances and the separate attainment of RMS s138 Roads Act concurrence, an unrestricted driveway access on Brunswick Valley Way be supported at the south end of the property of 2 Kulgun Court, Ocean Shores (Lot 12 DP 1128095, Parcel No. 240483). 




Report No. 6.13           Proposed Speed Humps, Bayshore Drive, North of Rail Line, Elements of Byron DA

File No:                        I2015/581



At the north end, past the rail line of the No Through road section of Bayshore Drive is an existing tourist facility that has been subject of a development application to upgrade existing facilities and ultimately provide approximately 80 cabins for onsite accommodation. 


Part of the development conditions is an upgrade to the road to include kerb and gutter and landscaping.

Also proposed is traffic calming along this same approximate 440m length as depicted by the red line.


It is preferred the traffic calming is achieved by inclusion of speed humps which physically slows all traffic, which are nearly all resort bound, but allows a bus or similar wider vehicles to pass unimpeded.



The endorsement of the traffic calming measures is on the basis AustRoads standards being met including signage, line marking and where necessary street lighting.


Committee Comments

·        noted discussions have been held with Council’s Development Engineers relating to this item prior to the Committee meeting


Management Comments




That Council notes that the Local Traffic Committee has no objections to the speed humps proposed for Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay, north of the rail line, on the proviso they accord with relevant standards, guidelines and any DA conditions.




Report No. 6.14           Proposal for Market Street turnaround, Bangalow Showgrounds

File No:                        I2015/582


Following the recent Billycart derby event and implementation of the related traffic control plan, questions were raised regarding the appropriate use of parking restrictions on the west side, north end of Market Street, Bangalow.

Currently the location (as shown by red line) is signed as ‘No Parking – Market days Only’.

The narrow width and increased traffic due to other events and every school day however has proven the ‘No Parking’ restriction needs to apply at all times.

This can however be supplemented by a ‘Kiss and Ride’ sign to promote such use at school times for example.


Given this will take consultation with the school it is also recommended the Showground Trust also be involved, including the proposal to build a permanently available vehicle turning head upon the showground site to better provide for the school and other traffic.


Committee Comments

No Committee comments for this item.


Management Comments




That consultation be undertaken with the adjacent School and neighbours, including the Showground Trust (or s355 Committee), and report back to Council in regard to restricting car parking and improving traffic flow upon Market Street, Bangalow, including the potential for the provision of vehicle turning circle at its northern end. 




Report No. 6.15           Proposed one-way, Mullumbimbi Lane, Brunswick Heads

File No:                        I2015/583



Consultation by a Council planner during assessment of a DA at the subject site found that some residents would favour the existing two-way lane between Tweed Street and Park Street be made as one-way west to east.


Currently the lane is used at the Park Street end to park vehicles and access shops while at other times residents claim it is used as a rat run, for example at night time for those leaving the pub further to the east and that when two vehicles approach each other one is required to leave the road such as into private driveways or reverse from the lane.


Figure 1: subject site and resident proposed one-way direction



A picture of the typical cross section of the lane is provided below and given its narrow width, lack of passing/parking opportunities, and that the alternative parallel routes available as above, plus the small number of adjacent properties (approx. 20) and therefore vehicle movements involved, it is recommended the resident proposal be consulted upon more widely with results reported back when completed.


As such any advice or concern of the Committee is sought prior to such consultation being conducted; assuming that is Council approval will be forthcoming for it to proceed.


Figure 2: Cross section of lane looking west to Tweed Street




Committee Comments

noted and given that consultation, as being recommended by staff, is a matter for Council only changes that require Committee approval or advice be referred back when and as necessary 


Management Comments

As the recommendation is by staff and is in regard to consultation, Council can elect not to support the recommendation and do so without referral back to the Committee.  


1.    That a public notice, along with direct consultation with adjacent and neighbouring properties (those located on Park Street between Mullumbimbi Street and Fingal Street), the Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce and Progress Association, be undertaken in regard to the resident proposal to make Mullumbimbi Lane, Brunswick Heads one-way from Tweed Street to Park Street.


2.    That the results of the above consultation be tabled and reported back to Council when completed and to the Local Traffic Committee if required.




Report No. 6.16           Endorsement of Existing Front-In Angled Parking, Dalley Street, Mullumbimby

File No:                        I2015/585


Through staff assessment of an adjacent DA it became apparent of the different parking practices along east side of Dalley Street, Mullumbimby.


Those between Burringbar Street and Whian Street are signed as front-in, angle parking while at the site depicted between Whian Street and Fern Street there is no  signage.


As a result parking at the site shown means the default parallel parking applies yet most understandably park front-in given it is applied elsewhere in the street plus adequate width exists.


It is therefore recommended parking be signed as front to kerb however no angle be specified given no pavement and line marking exists and it apply (as per red line) from 10m south of Whian Street to the north side of the driveway at 140 Dalley Street.





Committee Comments

No Committee comments for this item


Management Comments




That parking be signed as ‘front to kerb’ on Dalley Street, Mullumbimby from 10m south of Whian Street to the north side of the driveway at 140 Dalley Street.




Report No. 6.17           Proposed Revised Regulatory Signposting for Scarrabelottis Bridge

File No:                        I2015/602



Scarrabelottis Bridge is a steel bailey truss bridge that was installed in 1980. It was a second hand bridge when Council purchased it approximately 35 years ago.  The bridge is likely around 50 years old so it would be at the end of its design life (Bailey bridges were designed as a temporary structure).


Scarrabelottis Bridge is currently signposted with a 40km/h speed limit and bridge load limit of 18t Gross.  A level 3 bridge inspection in 2011 recommended this.


A review of the bridge is currently underway.  The current proposal is to undertake a preliminary analysis of the truss structure and advise on expected load rating for the bridge and other risk mitigation factors (i.e.. review the existing speed limit).  This is being done without the expense of a full level 3 inspection (estimated at over $40,000).


Opus International Consultants (Opus) have been engaged to undertake the structural engineering assessment.  The assessment will be completed during July 2015.  A site inspection with a senior structural engineer has indicated that the load limit & speed limit in place would need to be reduced further.


Opus have advised that a 20km/h speed limit would be appropriate for the proposed risk measures.  Section 3.2.7 of the NSW Speed Zoning Guidelines, “Speed limits on structures” provides guidance on this.


It is likely that the structural assessment will recommend a further reduced load limit, possibly as low as 5t Gross, and no higher than the existing 18t Gross.


The committee support of the following risk measures is sought:


1.       Implement a 20 km/h speed limit on the bridge structure;

2.       Implement a revised bridge load limit in accordance with the outcomes of the Opus assessment.




Committee Comments

·        noted reduce speed limits would also apply on the approaches to the Bridge

·        noted existing load limit signs (and poles) are being regularly and illegally removed

·        RMS approval required and to be sought as an operational matter and approval and not subject of a further review, for example as per their speed zone guidelines


Management Comments




That Council supports the Local Traffic Committee endorsement that risk measures are implemented at Scarrabelottis Bridge, being a 20km/h speed limit on the bridge structure and a revised bridge load limit, in accordance with the outcomes of the structural assessment being undertaken in July 2015, subject to RMS approval if required.





Report No. 6.18           Concept Designs - Proposed Marine Parade Footpath and One-Way Traffic

File No:                        I2015/604



A consultation design package has been completed including 3 design options for the proposed Marine Parade Footpath at Wategos, Byron Bay.


Senior Council and National Parks & Wildlife staff has indicated a preference for design option 2 which includes a proposed one-way traffic road.


The design package is attached.


This report seeks the support of the committee for a proposed one-way traffic scheme as an option for this project.


It is recognised that a one-way scheme may have disadvantages including reduced accessibility to adjacent properties, diversion of some traffic to other local streets, an increase in travel time for some road users.


Advantages however of the proposed one-way design options may include increased pedestrian safety, reduced conflict with through vehicles, parking vehicles and pedestrians.  The proposed one-way design, option 2, appears to also be the most feasible in terms of cost.



Committee Comments

·        noted parking is proposed for the beach side, as the predominant pedestrian movement is in that direction

·        following consultation, the design will come back to the Local Traffic Committee for endorsement of any signage


Management Comments




That Council supports the Local Traffic Committee endorsement of either of the proposed one-way traffic options for the beach front section of Marine Parade, Wategos from west to east through to the intersection of Julian Place.




Report No. 6.19           Proposed Road Closure Acacia Street, Arts and Industrial Estate, Byron Bay

File No:                        I2015/605


Business located at 1/1 Acacia Street, Byron Bay is proposing to hold a market event on the last Saturday of every month commencing from 10am through to 3pm.  The proponent advises support is forthcoming from adjacent business and traders who can offer up to 50 off-street car spaces for the event.


The markets themselves however will occur upon the premises of four businesses highlighted below and as located at numbers 1, 2, 4 and 6 Acacia Street.  Approval for such use and the markets themselves will be subject of a DA yet to be submitted to Council.


However to assist with planning the event, the proponent seeks Council endorsement to close the road to through traffic from 8am to 5pm between Banksia Drive and Grevillea Street while traffic control is proposed to allow vehicle access to some properties.


The proponent states the road closure (to occur within area depicted by the red lines) is central and critical to the market proposal as it will provide a space for people to walk between the sites depicted.  The on-road space may also be used during the market days for other activities subject to their approval.



While such detail is a matter for Council’s DA process and an accredited traffic control plan, the primary purpose of the proponent tabling the matter to the Committee is for any conditions or concerns that relate to the proposal.


On this, the Committee are advised the road is low volume, local access while the subject site is of approximately 150m length with 7 land parcels with various tenants, all of whom would need to be consulted upon and their submissions and requirements considered given the event seeks to be once per month.


As such it is recommended that if support for the closure is forthcoming it be limited to three (3) events with each to occur at least four weeks apart and all before 30 November 2015 and that any extension beyond require further report to the Committee and Council including proof of consultation as undertaken by the proponent with tenants adjacent and within the road closure including their acceptance of or conditions upon an ongoing monthly event.



Committee Comments

while the Committee have no objection to the proposed road closure,  subject to conditions, the use of the road space is another matter and remains subject to other Council approvals, for example a DA, etc


Management Comments

The Committee recommendation assists the proponent plan their event, but does not permit the closure to proceed without them first obtaining all other necessary approvals. 



1.       That Council note that the Local Traffic Committee has no objection to the proposed road closure of Acacia Street, Byron Bay, subject to the following:


          a)      Council approvals, where required, are firstly obtained and met


          b)      the closure apply to the last Saturday of the month between 8am and 5pm only      and for a maximum of three events


          c)      the organisers be responsible for providing and implementing aTraffic Control      Plan to Council, designed and implemented by those with appropriate      accreditation


          d)      public liability insurance be in place for the sum of at least $20 million and a copy be provided to Council


          e)      in accordance with the Roads Act, each event be advertised within Council’s          public notice section of the local newspaper, with the cost charged to the event       organiser


          f)       the event be notified on Council's website


2.       This endorsement lapses on 31 December 2015







There being no further business the meeting concluded at 2.20 pm.