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Attachment 1 (#E2015/50336)


Extraordinary Meeting 13 August 2015


Notice of Rescission Motion Ė Byron Bay Parking Study Pay Parking Exemptions and Butler Street Reserve


We move that Council rescind Resolution No. 13-368 from its Ordinary meeting held on 30 July 2015.


If successful we intend to move:


1.††† That Council confirm its intention to introduce a system of paid parking to the Byron Town Centre during the 2015/16 financial year as outlined in resolution 15-235 and that this system is based upon a pay by number plate approach.


2.††† That Council set a yearly Shire Resident or Ratepayer exemption fee of $50 per annum for fee paying coupon recipients and receive a report on establishing the costs, benefits and other criteria of pay parking exemptions including that:


a)††† for an annual fee an exemption is provided for two categories of end user, one being a shire resident/ratepayer and the second being for a business operator, or an employee of one, located within the pay parking area

 b)†† the exemption benefit is for 12-months from date of purchase, can be transferred to another vehicle if needed and not based on date or jurisdiction of registration;

 c)†† investigate implications of payment options including an annual fee as a single fixed amount, or providing an option of periodic payments;

 d)†† no refunds be provided for or towards cost of exemptions except that those wishing to upgrade their fully paid exemption be provided credit of their unused amount, calculated at a daily pro-rate rate, toward such upgrade;

e)††† changing the exemption criteria; and

f)†††† considering businesses with multiple vehicles.


3.††† That Butler Street Reserve be made available as an all day car park, operating 6am to 6pm daily with an hourly rate of $3.00 per hour, up to a maximum of $20 all day, with the Shire Resident or Ratepayer exemption applying and a $40/month non-Shire worker/business operator fee.


4.††† That, to provide incentive to park outside the town centre, Clarkes Beach carpark, Jonson Street (south of Kingsley Street) and on-street, east of Middleton, operate as all day carparks with an hourly rate of $3.00 per hour, up to a maximum of $20 all day, with the Shire Resident or Ratepayer exemption applying, and operating hours of 9am to 6pm.



Comments from Director Infrastructure Services:


To aid clarification the pay parking scheme discussed at the April 2015 staff and Councillor workshop and subject of the 21 May Council report is referred to as Scheme 1.


The amendments made to that Scheme as resolved from 21 May and discussed and resolved on 30 July is referred to as Scheme 2.


The key differences between the schemes are described as follows and shown at Figure 1.



Figure 1: geographical coverage of schemes 1 and 2



xx map here xx




Scheme 1 Ė April/May 2015


Scheme 1 was based on the consultantís work of 2014 including data collected that informed the parking study thereby providing some basis for the conclusions reached; i.e.


1.†† 89% occupancy across the 1,065 on-street car spaces,

2.†† 54% occupancy within the 384 spaces in Council car parks, and

3.†† an averaged rate 5 of the 9 hours in the pay parking day providing income.


This resulted in the estimates as shown in Table 1 being presented to the Councillor April 2015 workshop.



Table 1: estimates at 65% exemption level - as presented April 2015 workshop (Scheme 1)


At 65% exempt

$3 per hour

$4 per hour






Crown reserve












Crown reserve








General Fund




Crown reserve







On 21 May Council adopted the $4 per hour rate and a $100pa exemption ($500,000pa estimated) . By adding Wategos to the above estimates ($600,000pa, 100 spaces) and subtracting costs, the $4 per hour rate of Scheme 1 was subsequently fed into Councilís Improvement Proposal (CIP) as lodged to meet requirements of the state governmentís Fit for the Future (FFF) review of Councilís financial sustainability. As per below comments from Councilís Manager Finance, the $4 hour rate meets the CIP/FFF benchmarks, whereas the $3 per hour rate does not. The same conclusion is reached with Scheme 2.



Scheme 2


Scheme 2 has evolved from the Council resolution of 21 May and confirmed by the 30 July workshop and subsequent Council resolution. As such Scheme 2 has incorporated areas previously not estimated in terms of revenue, costs or demand. These include estimates as shown in Table 2.






Table 2: no. car spaces added into Scheme 2



Scheme 1

Scheme 2


Somerset St




Shirley St




Wordsworth St




Gilmore Cres




Middleton St




Byron St car park




Butler St Reserve








Assumptions made:


1.†† 77% occupancy across the 1,340 on-street car spaces,

2.†† xx% occupancy within the xxx spaces in Council car parks, and

3.†† an averaged rate 5.5 of the 9 hours in the pay parking day providing income.


This has resulted in the estimates as shown in Table 3.


Table 3: xxx


Comments from Manager Finance: