13.10 - Attachment 2


Draft Amendments to Part A – Preliminary of Byron Shire Development Control Plan 2014


1.         Amend Section A5 to Read


A5         Where This DCP Applies


This plan applies to the land to which Byron LEP 2014 applies and land identified under Part 4 - West Byron Bay Site of the Byron Local Environmental Plan 1988. This Plan applies to all categories of ‘development’ as defined within the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and as addressed within the various Chapters of this Plan.   



2.         Amend Appendix A1 – Dictionary by inserting the following additional definitions


Dual key – Means an internal door linking two attached dwellings together. The door needs to be a suitably designed and constructed fire door as per the Building Code of Australia. Dual key arrangements maybe considered suitable for dual occupancy, secondary dwelling and attached dwelling housing arrangements where the housing is on one lot. 

Integrated Housing Means the subdivision of land into three or more lots and the erection of a dwelling (attached or semi attached) or dwelling house on each lot as per clause 83 of Byron LEP 1988.

Small Lots – means vacant residential lots less than 350m2 in area


3.         Make any other adjustments to Part A where required to reference the West Byron Bay Site under Part 4 of Byron Local Environmental Plan 1988.