13.5 - Attachment 1

Minutes of the Byron Shire Council Public Art Assessment Panel Meeting held on Thursday 6 August 2015


PRESENT:   Cr S Richardson


Staff:            Joanne McMurtry (Community Policy Officer)

                     Greg Ironfield (Manager Community Development)

                     Andy Erskine (Superintendent Parks)


Community: Peter Wood (Arts Northern Rivers) (By teleconference)

                     Suvira McDonald (Community Artist member)

                     Tracey Whitaker (Community member)

                     Denise Napier (Community member)


Simon Richardson opened the meeting at 1.45pm and acknowledged that the meeting was being held on Bundjalung Country.


APOLOGIES:     Cr P Spooner, Rick Molloy (Practising Artists Network), Paula Cordeiro (Community Artist member), Michele Zarro (Community member)Gavin Brown (Bundjalung of Byron Bay Aboriginal Corporation (Arakwal))




Suvira McDonald declared an interest in item 5.3 re Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk, being that he is one of the main proponents in the project; and also in item 6.6 given that he is one of the artists submitting work for the Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk.




There are ten people on the Panel. Quorum numbers were met.




That the minutes of the Public Art Assessment Panel meeting held on 7 May 2015 be adopted.        






5.1     Unity Pole


As the pole is starting to crack in a few places the owners of the pole have decided it would be best not to use it for the beachfront area at this time. They may create a new pole with more seasoned wood that would work better for that specific area and will keep us up to date with progress.



5.2     Priority public art locations in Ocean Shores and Suffolk Park


The Manager of Sustainable Development provided information about land ownership and constraints using Council’s mapping system and several specific locations were discussed. The following areas were identified for further investigation:


Ocean Shores:

·    Water Lilly Park

·    Ocean Shores Community Centre

·    The following roundabouts: Rajah Rd (town entry area), Orana Rd and Shara Boulevard near the new Sports Fields, Tweed St entry to Brunswick Heads.

·    RMS own the land within 55m of a roadway (Pacific Motorway) and the Roads Act will have requirements that need to be met.

·    The local road bridge over the Brunswick River.

·    There was discussion about incorporating water into roundabout art however electrical services tend to be not very deep in the ground at roundabouts so this will need to be considered.

·    The entry/ exit to Ocean Shores shops – there is a grassed area that could be used for public art.


Suffolk Park:

·    Community Centre

·    Clifford St intersection (there will be a roundabout included in an upgrade of this intersection)

·    Roundabouts near the BP service station (Beech Drive) and at Baywood Chase entrance (Beech Drive).

·    Near the Skate Park and around the Lake.

·    Land between the lake and the roundabout at Beech Drive (north).

·    Even the Green Garage roundabout.


Discussion about devising a catchy name for Roundabout Art across the Shire.



·    Add to the next PAAP agenda – ideas for the first roundabout piece for commissioning.


5.3     Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk


Suvira McDonald reported:

·    The poles for the sculpture have been located

·    A community member in Mullumbimby has offered his acreage to prepare the poles

·    Have been talking with SCU and Byron Bay Community College about students to help with the project

·    Will probably engage a contractor to build the sculpture

·    The crowd funding campaign raised $11,000 which was matched by Community Partnerships Australia, plus the $5,000 donated by Council.


5.4       Electricity Padmount Substations


The contract has been signed with both artists delivering the artwork on the Electricity Padmount Substations. The Byron Bay project have had concept designs approved by the small committee of the PAAP and also Essential Energy and is to commence on Monday 10th August and will take a few days to do. The Mullumbimby project is at the concept design stage.


5.5     Public Art Small Grants


The 50% up front payments for the four Public Art Small Grants awarded, have been paid and acquittal forms provided to gather information about the project prior to the final payment being made. Projects need to be finalised before the 30 June 2016.


5.6     Judy Cassab Paintings


These are now hanging on the Byron Bay Library in the Quiet Study Room. Below is a photo.



·    The PAAP request that a didactic of Judy Cassab be displayed with the paintings. Staff to draft and Peter Wood and Suvira McDonald will assist with editing.








Peter Wood joined the meeting by telephone at 2.45pm.


6.1     Memorial Seat, Brunswick Heads


A Public Art Small Grant was allocated to assisting with the professional designs for this project. Following the submission of those designs, the Public Art Assessment Panel were happy with the final concept designs.


Resolution 14 – 602, part 2 stated: “In relation to the Memorial Mosaic Seat in Brunswick Heads, Council accepts the donation of a Memorial Mosaic Seat, placed in a suitable location on Council land in Memorial Park, Brunswick Heads, subject to the Public Art Assessment Panel (PAAP) members meeting with the artist around some design questions and being satisfied with the final concept designs.”




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council that further to resolution 14-602, the PAAP reiterate their support for this project.

(Wood/ Richardson)



6.2     Public Art Proposal – Simpson’s Sofa, Brunswick Heads


Simpson’s Sofa has been presented to the Public Art Assessment Panel previously as a request for a Public Art Small Grant. The piece is planned as part of the Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk and the organisers would like it installed as a permanent sculpture which is the subject of this report.




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council to accept the donation of ‘Simpson’s Sofa’ as a permanent sculpture installation in South Beach Park, Brunswick Heads.

(Whittaker/ Napier)



6.3     Public Art Proposal – Bus Shelter Cnr Jonson and Carlyle Streets, Byron Bay


A property owner on Jonson Street adjacent to the existing bus stop has offered to pay for the bus stop to be ‘refreshed’ to deter graffiti. It has been suggested that the artist Dave McElvenny be engaged to undertake a public artwork and examples of his previous work is included in the report.




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council to accept the donation of a public artwork on the Jonson Street bus shelter to deter graffiti.

(Napier/ Richardson)



·    Request that the artist to review the colour, size and location of the logo on the artwork to be more sympathetic in the art piece

·    Find out if the artwork will be mounted on the bus shelter or painted straight onto it.

·    Suggest replacing the bus timetable on the side of the bus shelter or on the pole so as not to obstruct the artwork.




6.4     Public Art Request for Council support for ‘Inside Out’ Project


A request has been received to support the ‘Inside Out’ Project in Bangalow with a donation of $1300.




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council that whilst the value and creative worth of the project is recognised, the request for funding is declined. The PAAP supports the proponents to work with the Bangalow community to raise the funds.




6.5     Public Art Commissioning Proposal – Water Infrastructure in Byron Shire


Following a recent ‘experiment’ on the Bangalow Water Tank to deter graffiti, it has been identified that public art may alleviate some of the vandalism and graffiti on a range of water infrastructure around the Byron Shire. The report outlines a public art commissioning proposal.




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council to commission public artwork on the following water infrastructure in the Byron Shire, to be funded from water and sewer budgets:


1.       Paterson’s Hill Water Tank

2.       Wategos Water Tank

3.       Warrumbool Road Reservoir

4.       Several sewerage pump stations (locations listed in the report, limited by budget allocation for the 2015/16 financial year)

 (Wood/ Napier)


·    Denise will advise possibilities of using banner-mesh for large projects such as the Paterson’s Hill Water Tank. Can we find out if this PVC is recyclable?

·    Staff to create a brief for this project and email around to Panel members. The idea of running a competition could be considered. Could also consider tying with the new Byron brand.



6.6     Public Art Proposal – Individual Artwork Submissions for temporary event – Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk


Suvira McDonald did not participate in the vote for this item.


The Public Art Assessment Panel has previously supported the Brunswick Heads Nature Sculpture Walk with a $5,000 donation in 2014 (14-602), and recently with two Public Art Small Grants of $500 each (15-249). In addition, the event received $2,000 from the Events and Festival Sponsorship Fund to make a documentary film of the event, for assistance with promotional materials and the engagement of a structural engineer. The report outlines the individual artwork submissions for consideration.




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend:


1.    That Council note that the Public Art Assessment Panel has considered each artwork submission for the Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk, for consistency with the Council’s Public Art Policy.


2.    That Council note that the event organisers have engaged structural engineers (Ardill Payne and Partners) to assess the installation of the artworks on Friday 2 October, prior to the event opening and access by the general public.





6.7     Public Art in redevelopment of the Main Beach Backpackers (old Council Chambers) in Byron Bay


As per the Byron Shire Development Control Plan 2014 – Chapter D8 – Public Art, certain new developments are to show how they incorporate public art within the project. The redevelopment of the Main Beach Backpackers (old Council Chambers) in Byron Bay is such a development. The report provided proposed plans to incorporate public art in this new development and requested the Public Art Assessment Panel use their art expertise to consider the proposal and provide advice to staff.



·    That a meeting between the developer and PAAP members be set up to facilitate a public art outcome.




6.8     Public Art Proposal – Donation of painting by Rose McKinley


The artist, Rose McKinley, would like to donate a painting to hang in the Byron Bay Library.




That the Public Art Assessment Panel recommend to Council:


1.       To accept the donation of ‘Minyon Falls with Wesley Stacey’ to hang in the Byron Bay Library, and


2.       To thank Rose McKinley for the generous donation and request her to help select a suitable location in the library.

 (Wood/ Whittaker)






·    The Public Art Assessment Panel agreed that a letter of support can be provided to the Tweed Street Ten Seat Project for a further two seats under development, to support grant funding applications.





The next meeting of the Public Art Assessment Panel will be 1.30 – 3.30pm 5 November 2015.



There being no further business the meeting concluded at 4.05pm.