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Ewingsdale Hall Monday 17 November 2014




·    Traffic Impacts
→ Ewingsdale Road

→ Town Centre

·    No Overall Strategy / Need an Integrated Plan in place before zoning for retail/Seniors Housing in Ewingsdale

·    Density & Population increase

·    Sewerage treatment capacity

·    Ageing demographic

·    cycleway/pedestrian access off Avocado Crescent (not supported)

·    Access to Community Hall?

·    Suggest locating shopping centre on ‘Eastern’ lot

·    West Byron = more suitable site for S/H

·    Need an integrated plan in place before approving retail & Seniors Housing in Ewingsdale

·    Impact of current STP on Belongil Creek health
(eg Blue Green Algae)

·    High level of flooding on Eastern Creek (near McGettigans Ln)

·    Reduce scale of Easternmost units in order to have less visual impact

·    Timing of commercial/ retail development to occur after a certain % of Seniors Housing has been developed

·    Address/Resolve traffic issue before any rezoning approval is given

·    Need to re-evaluate this proposal in light of West Byron rezoning decision re: densities

·    Section 94 contributions –  → will there be any if this proposal proceeds?

·    Completion of RMS study required ahead of a decision being made


·    Retain land for agriculture under current zoning (RU2)

·    Question of compliance with ‘NSW Retirement Villages Act’ & whether Seniors housing will be genuinely for this purpose?

·    Concern about over 55’s age threshold for Seniors Housing (too low as most people retire after 60)

·    Greater focus should be on ‘Care’ component in this proposal (rather than independent living).

·    Visual, ie Rural amenity & location of 2 storey structures

·    Buffer & landscaping

·    Proposed access off McGettigan’s Lane is very dangerous

·    Investigate use of a single access only to Seniors Housing development (eg the Hospital site only)

·    William Flick Lane may not have capacity for additional traffic generated by S/H proposal

·    Flooding/Stormwater management needs further attention.


Tuesday – 25 November 2014




·    Ribbon/Strip development along Ewingsdale Road

·    No strategic plan

·    “Rolling Green Hills” – to be kept

·    Rezoning will place pressure on Ewingsdale

·    Precedence on all RUZ land

·    Land towards Mullum under pressure

·    House surrounded by units – need better set back – or remove units & use as rural residential

·    Back zone Hospital to rural so seniors living cannot occur (SEPP) – North of hospital

·    Byron & Mullum hospital convert to car facilities

·    Not enough high care housing

·    Traffic figures pre-highway – need to review cumulative impact (West Byron Hospital) & highway

·    Ensure ongoing use is only for seniors housing

·    Provide less dense seniors housing

·    Call it a retirement village to ensure long term certainty

·    Sewerage Plant capacity?

·    Need to maintain Heritage Precinct inc. Ewingsdale Hall & Church, Fig Trees & Farm House

·    Retail shops may not be effective

·    Should be consistent with R5 zone

·    Place controls on number of units to be allowed on site








·    Check land pad for helicopter – no pad

·    Silica dust concerns

·    No access wanted through Avocado Crescent

·    Preferable to subdivide R5 into seniors housing

·    Roundabout proposed at McGettigans Lane

·    Parkway Drive condition disgrace

·    Seniors housing should be positioned closer to town. eg. Mitre 10, Shirley Street

·    Seniors Living need footpaths to connect/walk to town

·    Seniors move to Mullum, Bruns & Ballina not so many to Byron (Councils Ageing Strategy)

·    Statistics on PP incorrect – taken from Tweed & Ballina

·    West Byron more appropriate for seniors living

·    Senior housing should not be in Byron Shire – Lismore appropriate

·    Pressure to sewer Ewingsdale & then opens further subdivision

·    Question shops on Western side – Road access concerns – Shops better at Eastern end

·    Limit unit size density & sitting

·    No access through trees into William Flick Lane

·    Access in Flick Lane dangerous

·    Quarry Lane dangerous intersection also Woodford Road and McGettigans Lane

·    Sufficient setbacks required for housing in Parkway Drive

·    Concern DCP won’t be complied with

·    Question Council’s ability to enforce compliance. e.g. Byron Industrial Estate

·    Cycle track in front of hospital – needs safe crossings & extend to shops

·    Roundabout needs extending to two lanes

·    Access to McGettigans would be issue if shops on Eastern side

·    Shops could become ‘rest stop’ for highway traffic

·    2 storeys inappropriate

·    Single storey should be controlled in LEP & Density