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BSC File No: 240779 x 26.2013.2.1 /#A2014/31287









19 November 2014


Bellbeck Investments Pty Ltd

C/-Design Collaborative Pty Ltd

Wilshire Webb

DX 13027





Dear Sir


Planning Proposal Seniors Living

LEP Amendments Register:



Planning Proposal - rezone for development concept-seniors housing, retail premises & medical facilities

Parcel No.

240779, 240809

Property address::

PT: 101 DP: 1140936
Ewingsdale Road EWINGSDALE


As you are aware, Council staff met with the Ewingsdale community last night, 17 November, to discuss the re-exhibition of the proposal and any planning issues that the community may wish Council to take into consideration before making a decision on the proposal.


The community raised many issues, but with respect to traffic on Ewingsdale Road, there was concern that the recent rezoning of the West Byron site, closer to Byron Bay, when added with your proposal, may severely hamper access to Byron Bay due to the large volume of traffic generated by these two proposals.


It is expected that the West Byron Urban Release could eventually provide for approximately 1000 dwellings.


Would you please provide an updated Traffic Demand Model that considers the implications of the West Byron traffic on Ewingsdale Road and into Byron Bay, in conjunction with your Planning Proposal.  The West Byron Strategic traffic model should be extended to include the hospital and your Planning Proposal so that the full extent of traffic impacts of development in this location can be fully understood.




Yours sincerely





Ray Darney

Executive Manager, Environment and Planning