Minutes of Meeting










Transport Advisory Committee Meeting





Executive Team Meeting Room, Station Street, Mullumbimby


Tuesday, 1 September 2015






File I2015/943








Transport Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes                 1 September 2015




Minutes of the Transport Advisory Committee Meeting held on Tuesday, 1 September 2015

File No: I2015/943


PRESENT:   Cr B Cameron, Cr D Dey, Cr A Hunter,

Staff:   Simon Bennett (Transport & Traffic Planner)

            Scott Brodie (A/TL Compliance, until 11.45am)

            Susan Sulcs (Minute Taker)


Community: Phillip Preston


Observer: Sapoty Brook


Cr Cameron (Chair) opened the meeting at 11.00 and acknowledged that the meeting was being held on Bundjalung Country.




John Blanch


Declarations of Interest – Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary


There were no declarations of interest.


Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meetings


Committee Recommendation:

That the minutes of the Transport Advisory Committee Meeting held on 12 March 2015 be confirmed.                                                                                                                                        (Cameron/Dey)



Business Arising from Previous Minutes


There was no business arising from previous minutes.




The Committee welcomed and  heard from Mr. Sapoty Brook in his capacity as member of Byron Bay’s Beyond Zero Emissions Transport Working Group which has only recently formed. Mr Brook attended to explain the role of BZE and to understand the relationship between the TWG and Council. To strengthen communication further and potential for future partnerships it was suggested that Mr. Brook, subject to completing a nomination form, be appointed as a Community Member, which Mr Brook subsequently did and therefore recommendation made.




That Council appoints Sapoty Brook as a community representative for membership of the Transport Advisory Committee and that the Constitution of the Committee be amended if and where necessary to facilitate these changes in membership.  





Staff Reports - Infrastructure Services

Report No. 5.1             Byron Bay Town Centre Paid Parking Time Limits

File No:                        I2015/877



1.    That Council notes that the Committee has reviewed time limits in regard to the Byron Bay parking study which will inform a forthcoming staff report on the subject and is the basis of the presentation at the 24 September 2015 Councillor strategic planning workshop.


2.    That in noting the Committee concerns regarding Butler Street Reserve, including the potential  it will at most times be under utilised and a site of last choice, Council receive a report that considers but not limited to the matters to be raised in the staff cover report to Council (I2015/1109).


3.       That the forthcoming staff report on exemptions and criteria, as called for by Part 2 of Resolution 15-378, also consider the following Committee recommendations:


a)    that the volunteer and worker exemption be only made available to the individuals via their respective Council recognised volunteer organisation or place of employment on the basis that such organisations:


i)             have a physical premises within the pay parking area;

ii)            open and hold a single account, similar to an eTag account, whereby they as the account holder can verify those who are eligible or not for such an exemption; 

iii)           as account holder, can remove, add and transfer exemptions as needed;

iv)           are responsible for the payment of the account; and

v)            accept that Council staff can, with notice, audit, cease or decline any account or request for such.


b)    that given the above, the same report also detail criteria:


i)             of a Council recognised volunteer organisation or place of employment; and

ii)            regarding the circumstances that staff would issue notice or undertake audit of an account held, or cease or decline any account or request for such.







There being no further business the meeting concluded at 12.10pm.