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Infrastructure Services

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September 2015

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September 2016


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Council Res No. 15-236 Item 6





























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Section 355, Local Government Act (1993), Section 377, Local Government Act (2003)

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Work Health Safety Policy

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Table of Contents


1.†††† Preamble. 4

2.†††† Purpose. 4

3.†††† Membership. 4

4.†††† Quorum.. 4

5.†††† Confidentiality. 4

6.†††† Election of Chairperson. 4

7.†††† Voting. 4

8.†††† Convening Meetings. 5

9.†††† Agenda Preparation. 5

10.†† Records of meetings. 5

11.†† Project Reference Groups. 5

12.†† Section 377 Delegation. 5

13.†† Meeting Practice. 5

14.†† Miscellaneous. 6


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 13.6 - Attachment 1

1.†† Preamble


The Belongil Catchment Committee is an advisory Committee of the Council and does not have executive power or authority to implement actions.


The role of the Committee is, independently of management, to report to Council or Strategic Planning Committee and provide appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relevant to this Constitution.


2.†† Purpose


The purpose of the Belongil Catchment Committee is in accordance with Council Resolution 15-236 Item 6:


1.††† To advise on priorities and on integration of the various Plans and Strategies impacting on the Belongil Catchment, including any agreements between Council and Catchment Landowners and/or the Belongil Swamp Drainage Union, and on other catchment issues within the Belongil Catchment.

3.†† Membership


Membership is to include:


∑† 3 councillors

∑† up to 6 community representatives

∑† General Manager (or delegate)

Note:† Staff members participating on the committee do not have voting entitlements.


4.†† Quorum


A quorum is reached when at least half the non-staff members are present and must include at least one councillor. The General Manager or delegate must also be present.


5.†† Confidentiality


Members of the committee will, in those circumstances where confidential matters are subject to deliberation, maintain confidentiality.


6.†† Election of Chairperson


The position of Chairperson is to be elected from Councillors comprising the committee but only in circumstances where the Mayor elects not to assume the position of Chairperson.


7.†† Voting


Each member of the committee (with the exception of staff members) is to have one vote, with the Chairperson to have a casting vote in addition to a deliberative vote.


Members of the committee who are not councillors may abstain from voting in any circumstances without such abstention being recorded in the negative.


Convening Meetings


At least quarterly meetings will be held.


An extra meeting of the committee may be convened in response to either the direction of the Chair in written form to the General Manager; a request by at least two committee members in written form to the General Manager; or by resolution of the Council.


9.†† Agenda Preparation


An agenda for each meeting, containing a brief report on each item, is to be provided to Committee members and available on Councilís website at least 7 days prior to the meeting being held.


Committee members may request items for inclusion in future agendas, through the Chair.


10. Records of meetings


a)††††† The reports of meetings (Minutes) are to be circulated to members of the group within 7 days of the meeting so that members can provide feedback through the Chair on the draft unconfirmed minutes.


b)††††† A report of the Committee meetings (Minutes) will be presented to Council or the Strategic Planning Committee at its next meeting.


11. Project Reference Groups


Project Reference Groups may be established at the direction of the Committee to address issues clearly identified by the Committee.


Project Reference Groups operate in accordance with Councilís adopted Constitution template for Project Reference Groups.


12. Section 377 Delegation


The Committee pursuant to section 377 of the Local Government Act (1993) has the following delegated functions but does not have the power to direct staff.


a)††††† review, develop, endorse and forward submissions reflective of Council's adopted policy or plans on matters falling within the jurisdiction of the committee.


b)††††† discuss and develop policy matters relating to the committee's jurisdiction and reflective of Council's strategic direction and forward recommendations to Council for consideration and adoption.


c)††††† convene workshops on matters relevant to the committee's jurisdiction and make recommendations to Council arising from such workshops.


d)††††† receive delegations and presentations on behalf of Council relating to those matters within the jurisdiction of the committee.

13. Meeting Practice

The meetings be conducted in accordance with Councilís Code of Meeting Practice.


14. Miscellaneous

Insurance: All Committee members are covered by the public liability policy of Council. This insurance does not preclude the Advisory Committee from due diligence and all Council policies must be adhered to.


Code of Conduct: All Committee members to abide by Councilís adopted Code of Conduct at all times.


Pecuniary Interest: Pecuniary Interest may be defined as an interest that a person has in a matter, as a Committee member or employee of a company or other body, because of a reasonable likelihood or expectation of appreciable financial gain or loss to the person, or another person with whom the person is associated. Such other person includes the spouse or de-facto partner or relative of the group member.


Section 446 of the Local Government Act states that:

ďa member of a council committee, other than a committee that is wholly advisory, must disclose pecuniary interests..Ē


Even though the Local Government Act provides an exemption to disclose pecuniary interests Councilís preference is for members to declare pecuniary interests where applicable.


Work Health Safety: All Committee members are required to comply with the ďWorker ResponsibilitiesĒ as prescribed in the Work Health Safety Policy.