13.8 - Attachment 2

Draft Bangalow DCP

Issues raised during consultation with the Community in May 2015 that are outside the scope of the DCP and could be considered in a Masterplan for Bangalow

·    20-30 year vision required

·    Caravan parking, accommodation – no provision

·    Railway siding potential for better use eg.  parking

·    Needs to look beyond B2 zone

·    Developer Funded Masterplan

·    Accommodation needed for tourists

·    RMS – land excess – industrial possibilities or caravan park site

·    Affordable housing and retirement village needed

·    Review traffic flow. eg. enable one way through Station Street north towards Leslie Street following the railway land south west to roundabout and back round to Byron Street with additional parking provided on railway land

·    Traffic – an increasing number of rural residents travel into Bangalow. This will increase when secondary dwellings permitted on rural land

·    Difficult to visualise Station Street without addressing traffic flow

·    Ensure captured info/views of tonight again value to MasterPlan process

·    Second crossing of railway line – history of investigation

·    Lineal – ‘gun barrel’; what about a meeting place

·    Walking pedestrianised areas/ Walking distance - live close

·    Speed Zone for Village Centre should be 40 kmh like Clunes.

-      Needs to be enforced

-      Better signage to slow traffic down “Bangalow is a village slow down” etc Like Clunes

-      Speed cameras



·    Location – is it suitable/ viable for growing community?

·    School bus stop

·    pedestrian crossing at end of Station Street on Byron Street – danger issues (history of a proposal by Council about 2 years ago)

·    School access – safe access for kids required, pick up and drop off needs to be addressed.

·    Will the Primary School exist and remain in the same location into the future?