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BSC File No:  #E2013/40016

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Contact:  Trish Kirkland


27 June 2013



Mr C Sked


Via email:






Dear Mr Sked


Request to purchase Council Operational Land Lot 944 DP 241810

Thank you for your enquiry about purchasing a portion of Council's operational land (Lot 944 DP 241810) at Ocean Shores.


Lot 944 DP 241810 is strip land, approximately 600mm wide, and is located to the rear of 9 residential properties, numbers 27 to 43 Matong Drive. 


Council does not have a survey on file, however, the lot is estimated to be 230sqm in total.


It is our understanding that you are interested in purchasing the portion of this lot to the rear of 43 Matong Drive.


Council had, in 2003, previously resolved to offer this lot for sale.  However, this action was later closed by subsequent Council resolutions.


Any sale of Council land requires the express resolution of the elected Council, and consequently the sale of this land would require a report to a meeting of Council for their consideration.   Council's adopted fees and charges for 2013/14 for the sale of land are set out below:


Sale Value = $Market Valuation



Survey                        $Costs + 10%

Subdivision                  $Costs + 10%

Valuation                     $Costs + 10%

Legal/Transfer             $Costs + 10%


It is difficult to estimate the costs associated with the actions required to sell the land until quotations are received for the services, however, our best estimates are between $10,000 to $15,000, plus the market valuation for the sale price.   It would be our recommendation that the costs be applied across the total area of the lot, and applied proportionally to the area of land proposed for sale.


Your enquiry was referred to our Community Infrastructure division to establish if there are any in principle issues with the proposed sale of this lot (or a portion of this lot), and they have advised that no issues are identified at this time.  Please note that consultation with Matong Drive residents and/or calls for expressions of interest from other parties may be required.   Any information that you can provide with regard to your request to purchase the land, particularly if you are not the owner of the residential property at 43 Matong Drive, will assist in our assessment of the consultation that might be required for the disposal of this public land.


On the basis of the information provided above, would you please advise if you wish council staff to proceed with a report to Council seeking their consent to the sale of Lot 944 DP 241810 or part Lot 944 DP 241810.   In order to finalise a report to Council for the 29 August meeting, we would appreciate your advice by Wednesday 31 July 2013.


Yours sincerely






Trish Kirkland

Manager Property, Contracts and Information Systems