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Mullumbimby Masterplan


Seeking Expressions of Interest for Project Reference Group

Council is seeking five (5) community representatives to work alongside three (3) Councillors and Council staff in a Project Reference Group (PRG) to develop a project brief, delivery plan and process for the preparation of a masterplan for Mullumbimby.

Why is Council preparing a masterplan for Mullumbimby?

In May 2014, Creative Mullumbimby (a community group of artists and residents with an interest in placemaking) organised the Mullumbimby Big Picture Show, which was a forum to gather the thoughts of locals on the future creative, social and economic directions for Mullumbimby.
On the back of this event Council resolved to allocate funds for staff to develop a masterplan for Mullumbimby. More recently, in October 2015, Council resolved to form a PRG to develop a project plan for the masterplan.

What is the role of the Project Reference Group?

The key purpose of the PRG includes:

∑††††† To work closely with Council staff to develop a project plan for the Mullumbimby masterplan. This includes developing a project brief, delivery plan and a process for the
development of the masterplan. At this stage it is not the role of the PRG
to actually prepare the masterplan.

∑††††† To identify who should be involved in the different stages of preparing the Mulumbimby masterplan.

How will the Project Reference Group Operate?

The first meeting of the PRG will commence on a Thursday 31 March 2016 during normal
business hours at the Council administration building in Mullumbimby (exact details to be advised to successful applicants after the 4 February 2016 Council meeting). The PRG will cease to operate within 6 months of its first meeting, subject to Council consideration of a final report on the project plan for the Mullumbimby Masterplan.

From the outset, the first meeting of the PRG will confirm the Constitution of the group
and provide a clear understanding of what PRGs role is and what its role
isnít. Also to be established is the frequency of PRG meetings, although it is anticipated a monthly meeting will be required.

Who will be on the PRG?

The PRG will include 8 people consisting of 3 Councillors and 5 Community members as
well as relevant Council staff assisting with the process.

The community members of the group will be appointed through this Expression of
Interest process. Representatives (specific to Mullumbimby) from the following
categories are invited to lodge an EOI:

∑††††† Residential community group

∑††††† Indigenous community

∑††††† Community services

∑††††† Town Centre business

∑††††† Town Centre commercial property owner

∑††††† Tourism Industry

∑††††† Creative industry

∑††††† Design and planning industry

∑††††† Sustainability, history and culture

∑††††† Youth and education

What is the application process and how do I apply?

To be eligible for a position on the PRG you must complete an online expression of interest application form that can be accessed below.

Expressions of Interest close: Wednesday 6 January 2016

Enquiries: Tara McGready (02) 6626 7070 (Mon, Thurs, Fri)

What is the Selection Criteria for a position on the PRG?

Applicants are to submit a short response to the following criteria:

∑††††† What should a masterplan for Mullumbimby town centre do?

∑††††† What can you bring to the Mullumbimby masterplan process?

Applicants must demonstrate the following:

∑††††† good communication and interpersonal skills and be able to work in a group environment of shared decision making

∑††††† be action and outcome focused

∑††††† network of stakeholders/connection to groups within the community

∑††††† capacity to access web based communications

∑††††† connection to the Mullumbimby Town Centre and the selected category/ies at the start of the EOI form.

All applications will be assessed based on the selection criteria above, with successful members being contacted by COB Friday 12th February 2016.