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Ewingsdale Seniors Housing and Commercial Uses Planning Proposal - Lot 101 DP1140936, Ewingsdale


History of Council reports and resolutions


Council Meeting



10 February 2011

Report on Planning Proposal for Councilís consideration


Resolved not to proceed and to consider the Planning Proposal (PP) in the Local Growth Management Strategy.

13 June 2013

Report on Planning Proposal for Councilís consideration


Resolved to proceed with an amended PP (remove option for B4 mixed use zone) and send to the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). Should the DPE issue a positive Gateway Determination a number of matters need to be addressed prior to placing the PP on exhibition:

∑††† Preparation of a master plan

∑††† Updated traffic studies

∑††† SEPP 55 site contamination assessment

∑††† Clarify sewage management choice

∑††† Heritage assessment

∑††† Noise impact assessment


19 September 2013

DPE request for a revised PP prior to Gateway Determination consideration, as the requirement for the development to be undertaken in accordance with a Masterplan is inconsistent with s117 Directions, and adjustments are required to remove retail premises as an additional permitted land use.


Resolved to amend the PP to specify the additional permitted land uses as seniors housing, medical centre, business premises, restaurants or cafes and shops and send to DPE for Gateway Determination, and prior to exhibiting the PP that the following matters from Res. 13-300 be addressed Ė see dot points above.


9 October 2014

Report on submissions received from public exhibition 15 July to 11 August 2014


Resolved to amend the PP including limiting the combined maximum total floor area of the commercial uses to 1200m2 and limiting the maximum floor area for the medical centre to 1800m2.


Council also resolved that a Development Control Plan (DCP) be prepared by the applicant and updated demand model traffic study prior to lodging a development application.


30 October 2014

Notice of Rescission Motion


Resolved to rescind resolution 14-492



Resolved to re-exhibit the planning proposal and hold at least two community information sessions prior to determining the PP.

17 September 2015

Report on submissions received from the second public exhibition 11 November to 8 December 2014.


1. Proponent to prepare draft DCP along with a basic concept plan in consultation with Council and provide that to Council as soon as possible.

2. Proponent to prepare and complete at their own cost a Traffic demand study for the planning proposal.

3. Proponent and Council to finalise draft VPA so that:

a) $15,000 is paid to Council after the LEP is amended to contribute to the wider traffic studies

b) $3,000 is paid to Council for its legal costs to finalise the VPA

c) The VPA is to be placed on public exhibition