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BSC File No:  #E2015/66808

Your ref:  

Contact:  Deanna Savage


19 October 2015






Crown Lands Newcastle

PO Box 2215

Dangar NSW 2309





To The Manager at Crown Lands Newcastle,


Byron Shire Council, has over the past few weeks, been discussing, with your department, the potential further closure of Byron Shire Council Road Reserves in DP11632.  Enquiries into this matter has produced an opinion from a member of your department that Council will further be required to produce evidence of how Council obtained title to the land and how the subject land became road.  Council has previously successfully closed and sold parts of DP11632 and seeks to close the whole of DP11632. 


Council has recently been informed in writing, letter enclosed, by Peter Blair, Deputy Manager, Property & Litigation Branch, Legal Services, that the status of road and lanes in DP11632, operated to vest, on registration of the plan, those roads and lanes in the then local Council, being Byron Shire Council.  Council endeavoured to seek this clarification in writing and will be relying on this for any future applications for closure of Council road/lanes in DP11632.



Yours sincerely




Phillip Holloway

Director Infrastructure Services


Encl. Letter Peter Blair