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MEMO TO:             All Councillors


MEMO FROM:        Director Corporate and Community Services


SUBJECT:              Call for Motions for 2016 National General Assembly of Local Government


DATE:                     14 March 2016


RECORD NO:         E2016/16544


Council has received advice regarding the National General Assembly of Local Government (NGA) to be held in Canberra from 19 to 22 June 2016.


Motions for this year’s theme “Partners in an Innovative and Prosperous Australiaare to be received by ALGA no later than Friday 22 April 2016 but must first be endorsed by Council prior to submission.  Notices of Motion to Council regarding ALGA Motions will need to be submitted for inclusion in the Ordinary Meeting Agenda of 7 April 2016 at the latest. 


Council’s Notices of Motion for Ordinary Agenda 7 April 2016 are due to be received by staff on 23 March 2016 so if you wish to submit a Motion to the NGA, please prepare a Notice of Motion by the due date of 9.00am on 23 March 2016.


Call for Motions


To be eligible for inclusion in the NGA Business Papers and then debate on the floor of the NGA, motions must follow the principles:


1.       Be relevant to the work of local government nationally;

2.       Be consistent with the themes of the Assembly;

3.       Complement or build on the policy objectives of your state and territory local government associations;

4.       Propose a clear action and outcome, and

5.       Not be advanced on behalf of external third parties which may seek to use the NGA to apply pressure to Board members, to gain national political exposure for positions that are not directly relevant to the work of, or in the national interest of local government.


To assist councils in preparing motions, a Discussion Paper has been prepared and is attached.


Motions should generally be in a form that seek the NGA’s support for a particular action or policy change at the Federal level which will assist local governments to meet local community needs e.g. That this National General Assembly call on the Federal government to restore indexation to local government financial assistance grants


Motions require a clear national objective (max 100 words); a summary of the key arguments (max 300 words) in support of the motion and endorsement by your Council as shown in the image over the page.






Mark Arnold


Enc. #E2016/16502