14.4 - Attachment 1

Minutes of Meeting










Transport Advisory Committee Meeting





Conference Room, Station Street, Mullumbimby


Thursday, 10 March 2016












                                                                                                                               14.4 - Attachment 1


Minutes of the Transport Advisory Committee Meeting held on Thursday, 10 March 2016

File No: I2016/211


PRESENT:   Cr B Cameron, Cr D Dey, Cr A Hunter,

Staff:   Simon Bennett (Traffic and Transport Planner)

            Helen Waldron (Minute Taker)


Community Representatives:   Sapoty Brook, Stephen Stewart, Philip Theaker


Non-Voting Representatives:   Alex Lewers (Transport Development Officer, NRSDC)



Cr Cameron (Chair) opened the meeting at 9.10 am and acknowledged that the meeting was being held on Bundjalung Country.




Cr S Richardson (Mayor)

John Blanch

Kumar Rajaratnam

Phil Holloway (Director Infrastructure Services)




Declarations of Interest – Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary


There were no declarations of interest.



Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meetings


Committee Recommendation:

That the minutes of the Transport Advisory Committee Meeting held on 1 December 2015 be confirmed.


The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.




Business Arising from Previous Minutes


There was no business arising from previous minutes.




Staff Reports - Infrastructure Services

Report No. 5.1             Outstanding Resolutions - Transport Advisory Committee

File No:                        I2016/193


Committee Recommendation:

1.   That Council note that the Transport Advisory Committee regard the following as completed:


(a)  Resolution 14-409, on the proviso it informs the development of Council’s bike plan which is to be drafted and subject of consultation during 2016 and to be concluded during the 2016/17 financial year


(b) Resolution 14-565, on the basis that Part 2 is continued and superseded as follows:


(i)         Broken Head Road, Suffolk Park (bike plan project no. 73, between the Beech Drive roundabouts) is given priority for design, costing, consultation and funding, with options to be reported back to the Committee at the next meeting for the development of a continuous cycleway link between Suffolk Park and Byron Bay which follows the road corridor


(ii)        Bangalow Road (from Browning Street to Old Bangalow Road) and Broken Head Road (from Old Bangalow Road to Beech Drive) continues to be pursued


(iii)       two Bangalow projects, being Rafton’s Road for an off-road path (bike plan project no. 43) and a path adjacent to Lismore Road, from Rifle Range Road to town (project no. 40), are developed with a project scope to assist determine their priority, cost and community acceptance, plus assist with the Bangalow master plan (place making) process to be undertaken in 2016


(iv)       the bike plan review includes a revision of those projects within Council’s s94 contributions plan


(v)        those projects to be undertaken as per Resolution 15-131


(c)  Resolution 13-649, subject to the undertaking of the pedestrian and cyclist counts and inclusion of crash data described and reported back to the next Committee meeting


(d) Resolution 15-528, the completion of which will be subject of the Council report which reviews the first six months of Byron Bay pay parking


(e)  Resolutions 16-037, 16-038, 16-040 and 16-041



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.



Report No. 5.2             Proposed Development and Contents of a Council Transport Strategy

File No:                        I2016/194


Committee Recommendation:

1.       That Council notes the Transport Advisory Committee is working toward the         development of a Shire-wide Transport Strategy.


2.       The following should be considered for Objectives in the Strategy:


          a.       the desire to move toward zero emissions

          b.      telecommunications

          c.       access issues

          d.      improvement of public transport

          e.       addressing inter town gaps

          f.       the ‘measuring’ of outcomes

          g.      efficiency and costs

          h.      sustainability

          i.        quadruple bottom line assessment

          j.        feasibility

          k.       anticipation and acknowledgement of land use and corridor analysis

          l.        renewable energy, rapid transport backbone system



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.



Report No. 5.3             Byron Transport Information Day 

File No:                        I2016/195


Committee Recommendation:

That Council notes that Northern Rivers Social Development Council (Transport Development Officer) is planning a ‘Byron Transport Information Day’, (funded by Transport NSW) in Mullumbimby in May 2016.


The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.




Action Items:

1.       Investigate having agendas couriered to Committee members, or delivered seven days prior to the meeting


2.       Committee members to review attachment 1 of report 5.2 and email Simon Bennett and Cr Cameron any comments by 1 April 2016


3.       Word version of attachment 1 to be emailed for mark up / track changes








There being no further business the meeting concluded at 11.20 am..