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Project: Granuaille Road – Service Station

Description of Proposed Works:

The existing Service Station located at 16 Granuaille Road, Bangalow. It is proposed to undertake façade restoration works to the existing Service Station located in the north-eastern corner of the site.

The Service Station is not specifically identified as a Heritage Item under the Byron LEP 2014, however the subject site contains a Heritage Item being the Campbell’s House ‘Byron Lodge’. The Service Station forms the setting of the Heritage Item and is in need of repair as demonstrated in the photos supporting the completed grant application form.

The Service Station and site are located in a prominent position on a main entrance into Bangalow being Granuaille Road.

Value of Works: $15,000                                                      Grant Funding Sought: $3,000 

Assessment Criteria


Assessment Notes

Projects of demonstrated heritage value to the community, e.g. the restoration of an important local heritage house;


The Service Station is not specifically identified under the Byron LEP 2014, however the Service Station forms part of the setting for the Cambell’s House ‘Byron Lodge’ (heritage item) that is located on the subject site.

Projects which are highly visible to the public, e.g. the replacement of a verandah to a building in a main street location;


The site is located at 16 Granuaille Road, Bangalow and forms a significant component of the streetscape when entering into Bangalow from the north along Granuaille Road.

Projects which have high public accessibility, e.g. a local museum, church or a private home which is open to the public several times a year;


The Service Station and associated shop is open to members of the community. 

Projects that are in an area which has received little or no funding;


The Service Station has not received funding for maintenance purposes.

Projects involving aspects of heritage which have received little or no funding e.g.historic gardens;


The Service Station is not specifically identified as a Heritage Item however forms an integral part of the setting to the Campbell’s House ‘Byron Lodge’. 

Urgent projects to avert a threat to a heritage item; or


The Service Station is in an increasing state of disrepair and as such the façade restoration is required as a form of preventative maintenance of the building.

The applicant's ability to demonstrate financial responsibility with regard to the project, and demonstrated ability to complete the project by May in the same financial year. Council’s Heritage Advisor and Heritage Advisory Committee will consider applications for funding assistance and recommendations will then be made to Council


The applicant has provided 2 quotes to undertake the restoration works.

Timing of Projects

All works must be completed by the beginning of May within the same financial year as the granting of funding approval


Works will be undertaken prior to May 2017.


Colours to match the colour scheme of restored ‘Heritage Item Campbell’s House ‘Byron Lodge’, or where alternative colours are proposed, any alternate colours are to be approved in writing by Council prior to the commencement of works.