Minutes of Meeting










Local Traffic Committee Meeting





This meeting was conducted electronically, where advice, information and decision of members was sought via email, as per point 5.3.1 of the Guidelines to the Delegation to Councils for the Regulation of Traffic (including the operation of Traffic Committees).

Committee Members

Peter Stevens – Roads and Maritime Services

Linda Makejev – Roads and Maritime Services

Snr Constable David Brigg – Police

Cr Basil Cameron

Tamara Smith MP











Local Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes                                                    May 2018



Report of the Local Traffic Committee Meeting held ELECTRONICALLY IN May 2018

File No: I2018/917


Meeting Commenced:

The agenda was distributed to the Committee on 16 May. Responses were collected via email by 22 May 2018.



Councillor:  Cr Basil Cameron

Roads and Maritime Services Representative: Peter Stevens

Police:  Sergeant Michael Stewart and Snr Const. David Brigg

Tamara Smith MP


Staff:  Evan Elford



There were no apologies. or


Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest raised. or


Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


Outstanding Issues/Resolutions



Regulatory Matters

Report No. 6.1             Byron Street Connection and Jonson Street Works, Byron Bay

File No:                        I2018/900


This report seeks LTC concurrence and endorsement for the proposed regulatory signs and line marking for the Byron Street Connection and Jonson Street Works, Byron Bay.


A detailed pavement marking and signage plan has been attached for the project in A3 format.




Committee Comments

T. Smith: Supportive of the recommendation


P.Stevens: The concept/principal/intention of the treatment at the Byron Street/Jonson Street is supported. I am of the view that the marking of the yellow edge line across the loading zone may cause confusion and uncertainty for users of the loading zone. The yellow line is an enforceable no stopping zone – and my interpretation is the restriction applies to both sides of the line.


M.Stewart: In regards to the Byron St Connection, I agree the yellow line indicates a no stopping zone, therefore there would be confusion with a loading zone also in that area. We would not be able to enforce either zone. Perhaps the yellow line could be shorten which would allow the enforcement of both the no stopping zone and the loading zone.


E.Elford:  Based on the comments already received, I have created a new marked up plan with modified line marking for consideration (see E2018/42534 Dwg 2559-06-2 - Line Marking and Signage - Jonson St_ amended)

The plan adjusts the yellow line to be placed around the landscape island only between the Loading zone sign and the pedestrian crossing point and to extend the existing lane edge line to meet the yellow line to avoid a yellow line in front of the loading zone.


P.Stevens: The amended sketch is satisfactory and the layout is supported by RMS.


Management Comments

There were no management comments


Committee Recommendation:

That the Local Traffic Committee endorse the amended Pavement Marking and Signage Plan for the Byron Street Connection and Jonson Street Works, Byron Bay E2018/42534.


The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried unanimously.

Smith, Cameron, Brigg and Stevens voted in favour of the recommendation.

Nil voted against the motion.



Development Applications

Report No. 7.1             DA - Festival of the Stone 2018 - Road Closure - Saturday 9 June 2018

File No:                        I2018/899




Council has received a Development Application from Joe Davidson Town Planning for a Temporary Festival: Festival of the Stone 2018, to be held on Saturday 9 June 2018. 


The development application includes a Traffic Management Plan comprising of a Traffic Impact Assessment and Traffic Control Plan and from Greg Alderson & Associates.




That Council approve the traffic control and traffic management plans for the Festival of the Stone 2018 to be held on Saturday 9 June 2018 in accordance with the Local Traffic Committee recommendations.






A sustainable and diverse economy which provides innovative employment and investment opportunities in harmony with our ecological and social aims.



A diverse economic base and support for local businesses.



Support sporting and cultural events in Byron Shire.



Increase the sustainability of events in which Council is involved.




This is the 2nd year of the event, last year the festival was held on a Sunday.

Up to 1,000 patrons are expected at the Brewery event.





1.   Safety of Pedestrians walking across Boronia Place.

2.   Safety of motorists cueing to enter or leave the event precinct.




§ Budget/Financial

The event organisers have been invoiced $476.00 for the relevant Approval of Road Events pursuant to s144 of the Roads Act fee as per the Fees & Charges 2016/17.


§ Asset Management

Not applicable.



§ Policy or Regulation

Speed Limit (as required) ROAD WORK (R4-212) - Delegated to council for authorisation in conjunction with NSW Road Rules 21 and AS 1742.4 (Speed Controls) Clause 3.1.2, AS 1742.3 (Roadworks).


§ Consultation

A condition of the endorsement of this event is that appropriate consultation is undertaken, including:

1.       Advertising the impact of the event in the local newspaper and on the Council website.

2.       Informing community and business that are directly impacted.

3.       Liaising with bus and taxi operators.

4.       Consulting with emergency services.


§ Legal and Risk Management

No RMS controlled assets are affected by the traffic control.




Committee Comments

T. Smith: Supportive of the recommendation– ever mindful that the impacts along Ewingsdale Rd are a constant concern.


P. Stevens: RMS raises no objection to the Festival of the Stone proposal.


M. Stewart: Police have no issue with the Festival of the Stone.

Management Comments

There were no management comments


Committee Recommendation:

1.       That Council approve the Traffic Control and Traffic Management Plans for the Festival of the Stone 2018, to be held Saturday 9 June 2018.


2.       That the approval provided in Part 1 is subject to:-


a. separate approvals by NSW Police and RMS being obtained.


b. implementation of the approved Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Control Plan, including the use of signed detours, as designed and implemented by those with appropriate accreditation.


c. that the impact of the event be advertised via a notice in the local weekly paper


d. the event be notified on Council’s webpage.


e. the event organiser:


i.   undertake consultation with community and affected businesses including adequate response/action to any raised concerns.


ii.  undertake consultation with emergency services and any identified issues addressed.


iii.  holding $20m public liability insurance cover which is valid for the event.


iv.   paying Council’s Road Event Application Fee prior to the event.


The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried unanimously.

Smith, Cameron, Brigg and Stevens voted in favour of the recommendation.

Nil voted against the motion.




Report No. 7.2             Mercato  - Byron Bay Woolworth Site re-development request for variation to traffic management arrangements

File No:                        I2018/908


The redevelopment of the Woolworths site in Byron Bay was reported to the LTC on 14 October 2016 with the committee making the following comments and recommendation:


Committee Comments

The Committee have taken into consideration the information presented by James Vallis from Azzura and provides the following comments:


·    Appropriate consideration needs to be given to the interaction between the public and the construction site during the construction period, seven days a week and 24 hours a day:

An appropriate Traffic Management Plan be prepared and submitted that allows for safe and efficient movements relevant to the development and the public amenity present.

There needs to be a clear demarcation between the construction site and the Woolworths site for operations and access by the public.

The driveway to Woolworths for access to the temporary rear car park of the store needs to be two-way traffic at all times.


·    That appropriate public consultation be undertaken to minimise the negative effect of the development during construction.


·    That any use of Butler Street by the developer not be supported.


·    That planning be undertaken by the developer to minimise the conflict with traffic within the Byron Bay town centre during operations of Markets at the Butler Street site.


·    It is noted that the Committee suggested to the developer that they investigate alternative options using the rail corridor for the removal of the spoil from site to minimise the impacts on the road network.


Management Comments

There were no Management comments.


Committee Recommendation:

That the Committee comments be provided to the Planning team.



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.


Council resolution 16-610 of 17 November 2016 Resolved that Council adopt the following Committee Recommendation:

Report No. 6.14  11.2013.587.2 - Mercato on Byron - 108-110 Jonson Street, Byron Bay

File No: I2016/991


That the Committee comments be provided to the Planning team.        (Hunter/Richardson)


The motion was put to the vote and declared carried.


Council has now received a request from Mercato to review the restriction placed on the use of Butler Street and approve a modified Traffic Management Plan  (S2018/3965 Attached)


The application highlights the traffic and road network impact improvements by being able to use Butler St for concrete deliveries in lieu of the current approved plan requiring delivery via Hinterland Way and Bangalow Road from the Ewingsdale Road concrete batching plant, a route being 60% greater in length than the more direct route of Ewingsdale Road and Butler St.


The application also details that by utilising this shorter route, the number of days that concrete trucks will be accessing the road network will be reduced from 39 to 28 noting that no delivers will be scheduled on days that clash with market days on Butler St Reserve.


A key issue of consideration for the LTC in providing their original comments was the then immanent construction of the Byron Bay Bypass which would have the potential to conflict with the road corridor use by the Mercato development.  The delayed commencement of the bypass construction now provides an opportunity to use Butler Street as requested and improve traffic management in Jonson St as it is likely the Mercato works will be completed well before the construction of the bypass commences.


Taking the above matters into consideration, Council staff are supportive of the application to modify the Traffic Management Plan to facilitate concrete deliveries to the development.


LTC members support for the use of Butler St as outlined in the application and the proposed recommendation is sought.




Committee Comments

P. Stevens: RMS supports the modified traffic management plan to use Ewingsdale Road and Butler Street for construction access. RMS is progressing the implementation of Regularity Signage at William Flick Lane to prohibit right turns out of William Flick Lane. Consultation with the batch plant operator confirmed that right turn onto Ewingsdale Road is impractical for delivery trucks which now made a U-turn at the interchange roundabout.


D.Brigg: Police have no objection to this change


T.Smith:  If Police and RMS support this plan, then I also support.


Management Comments

There were no Management comments.


Committee Recommendation:

That Council support the use of Butler St for construction access for concrete deliveries until the re-development works are completed or Council commences the construction of the Byron Bay Bypass, which occurs earliest.


The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.

Brigg and Stevens voted in favour of the motion.

Cr Cameron voted against the motion. Smith abstained.



There being no further business the meeting concluded at 3:38pm on Tuesday 22nd May.