Minutes of Meeting










Extraordinary local Traffic Committee Meeting







Thursday, 31 May 2018



Committee Members

Peter Stevens – Roads and Maritime Services

Linda Makejev – Roads and Maritime Services

Snr Constable David Brigg – Police

Cr Basil Cameron

Tamara Smith MP











Extraordinary local Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes            31 May 2018



Report of the Extraordinary local Traffic Committee Meeting held on Thursday, 31 May 2018

File No: I2018/1056



Meeting Commenced:   The agenda was distributed to the Committee on 31 May. Responses were collected via email by COB 7 June 2018.




Councillor:  Cr Basil Cameron

Roads and Maritime Services Representative: Linda Makejev

Police:  Snr Constable David Brigg and Sgt Michael Stewart

Tamara Smith MP


Staff:  Evan Elford



Peter Stevens


Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest raised.


Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meetings



That the minutes of the extra Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on 16 May 2018 be confirmed at the next meeting.


Matters Arising

There were no matters arising


Outstanding Issues/Resolutions

There were no outstanding issues.


Development Applications

Report No. 6.1             Events - Byron Writers Festival 2018 - Road Closure

File No:                        I2018/906




Council has received an event application and Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and Traffic Control Plan (TCP) from Ingen Consulting for Byron Bay Writers Festival to be held between Friday 3rd August and Sunday 5th August 2018.




That Council endorse the Byron Bay Writers Festival 2018 to be held 3-5 August 2018







In 2016 collecting donations from motorists on Bayshore Drive caused congestion that directly impacted a Regional Road – Ewingsdale Road. This was resolved in 2017, however, other traffic congestion occurred during the event.  The following information is provided to explain what measures have changed in this years TMP.


Council's post-event report describes significant congestion on the southbound lane of the Pacific Highway on Friday 4 August 2017, between 7:30am and 10:30 and ascribes this congestion to the following factors:

·    Writers Festival start at 8:30 with no VMS to advice motorists of the event

·    An athletics carnival and AFL event at the Cavanbah Centre starting at 8:30

·    40 km/h Road Works zone at Sunrise Roundabout

·    The single lane Byron Bay Hospital Roundabout

·    Buses leaving the festival and parking in the Cavanbah Centre.


Council's post event report suggests the following alterations to the TMP:

Thursday to Sunday traffic control.


·    Keep pedestrian movements separate to all vehicle traffic

·    Relocate the pedestrian crossing from the chock hold point

·    Ensure adequate lighting

·    Assist pedestrians to follow signage and not use the road way

·    Educate pedestrians

·    Bus/Taxi movement plan for arrivals, parking and pick up



·    Request the Council's Traffic Engineer and Signs Crew review Bayshore Drive one week before the event with enforcement to make sure signs are enforceable and correct

·    Enforcement required to ensure no parking on road way

With respect to the TCP, Council makes the following recommendations:

·    Document who can change and approve the TCP on the day for unforeseen circumstances

·    Reduce speed to 40 km/h

·    Reduce speed to 10 km/h near pedestrians. lf they walk up to the road like a shared zone could be an option

·    How will the Sunrise RAB and Bayshore RAB affect traffic to this event?


ln Council's post-event report it was suggested to retain pedestrian traffic within the parking area as much as possible and provide a pedestrian road crossing over the existing drain opposite the site entry.  lt was requested that this crossing is traffic controlled.  Pedestrian fencing will also need to be placed to stop pedestrians crossing Bayshore Drive until they reach the traffic-controlled crossing point.

Based on the above recommendations an overview of changes to the TMP is provided below.

Pacific Motorway

Given that congestion in the southbound lane of the Pacific Motorway leading up to the Byron Bay exit is a daily occurrence, the Byron Writers Festival is only a contributor of traffic on the Pacific Motorway.  The writer’s festival propose to liaise with Council and RMS to include the Writers Festival in the existing VMS sign messaging on the Motorway and on Ewingsdale Road adjacent The Farm to give motorists a heads up of the upcoming event a week before the event.

This will occur through liaison rather than formalising in the TCP's, as the VMS's are controlled by RMS, not Council.  Placement of additional mobile VMS's on the Pacific Motorway would not be justified and resulting decentralisation of VMS messaging would likely add to confusion amongst motorists.  lt would be most effective if the Writers Festival is incorporated into RMS's messaging schedules.

Bayshore Drive roundabout

During a meeting with Council's Project Engineer, it was concluded that it would be most beneficial to both festival patrons and the works on the Bayshore Drive roundabout, if festival traffic were directed as follows:

·    Arriving traffic from Pacific Motorway direction turn left at Bayshore Drive and travel to site along Bayshore Drive.

·    Arriving traffic from Byron Bay town centre direction turn right at Sunrise Roundabout and travel to site along Sunrise Boulevard.

·    All traffic leaving the site to be directed to turn left into Sunrise Boulevard from Bayshore Drive and access Ewingsdale Road at the Sunrise Boulevard roundabout. This will increase the travel distance for westbound traffic, but significantly reduce congestion at the Bayshore Roundabout construction works and thus improve travel time for all motorists.


This arrangement is reflected on the directional signage plan that is part of the attached set of Traffic Control Plans.

Speed zones

Following Council's recommendations, a 40km/h speed zone from the rail crossing to the car park entrance on Bayshore Drive, and 10km/h from the car park entry to the end of Bayshore Drive will be implemented.

The latter would improve the safety of any pedestrian-vehicle interactions that may occur on Bayshore Drive.  These speed zones are depicted on the attached Traffic Control Plans.

Pedestrian crossing

Retention of the pedestrian crossing (from the car park to the footpath) at the same location as last year.  Moving the crossing to the location suggested in the post-event report would require a temporary pedestrian bridge over the existing drain, and require interrupting the existing brifen wire safety fence along the drain, which would be cost-ineffective and introduce other safety and accessibility issues.

As the suggestion to move the crossing location was made in order to reduce the 'random' and uncontrolled crossing of Bayshore Drive by pedestrians, a 10 km/h speed zone north of the car parking entry and pedestrian fencing along the western side of the swale will be implemented.  This will result in a significant increase in pedestrian safety, as the likelihood of crossing is reduced due to the fencing, and the consequence of an unwanted pedestrian-vehicle interaction is reduced due to the low vehicle speed.

Bus and taxi movement plan

As requested by staff, a bus and taxi movement plan is included in the set of drawings. With the increased use of drop offs by services such as Uber, a suitable and efficient drop off zone is allocated within the car parking area close to the entrance.  The design and placement of internal signage to facilitate the vehicle flows as indicated in the bus and taxi movement plan is not included in the TMP (which is intended to describe signage in the public road only) and will be included in the festival's internal management documentation.

Traffic Control Plans

The attached traffic control plans reflect the above discussions.



§ Budget/Financial

The event organisers have a Council Memorandum of Understanding (Item 2.1 Councils role and responsibilities) which waives fees for the relevant Approval of Road Events pursuant to s144 of the Roads Act fee as per the Fees & Charges 2017/18.


§ Asset Management

Not applicable.


§ Policy or Regulation

Delegated to council for authorisation in conjunction with:

-     Actions required to control traffic- Part 8 (Sections 114 to 124) Roads Act, 1993.

-     Prescribed traffic control devices - division 1 of Part 4 (Sections 50 to 55) Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act, 1999.

-     R5-1-3 Parking (Disable) – NSW Road Rules 203, $541 fine

-     R5-400 No Stopping - NSW Road Rules 167, $253 fine

-     R5-41 No Parking (specified times) - NSW Road Rules 168, $108 fine.


§ Consultation

A condition of the endorsement of this event is that appropriate consultation is undertaken, including:

1.       Advertising the impact of the event in the local newspaper and on the Council website.

2.       Informing community and business that are directly impacted.

3.       Liaising with bus and taxi operators.

4.       Consulting with emergency services.


§ Legal and Risk Management

If vehicles cause congestion on Bayshore Drive then this could directly impact a Regional Road – Ewingsdale Road. RMS Traffic Engineering Department requires separate approval of the TMP and TCP.



Committee Comments

L. Makejev:  RMS offers the following comments:


·         Recently completed minor changes at the Ewingsdale interchange have been effective in improving traffic flow and merging in Ewingsdale Road and have significantly reduced congestion on the M1

·         It would be beneficial if the promotor installed VMS for both eastbound and westbound traffic along Ewingsdale Road for 2 weeks in the lead up to the Byron Writers Festival to inform the community of the potential traffic impact during the festival

·         RMS does not use the M1 message boards to inform on special events

·         Council is requested to negotiate with the construction contractor at the Bayshore Drive roundabout to minimise congestion and traffic disruption during the festival.


D.Brigg: Police are in agreement with the TMP as is stands and in particular the direction of traffic from the site to the Sunrise Boulevard roundabout.


Management Comments

RMS comments will be provided to the event organiser and to the Bayshore Drive contractor.


Committee Recommendation:

1.       That Council endorse the Byron Bay Writers Festival to be held on 3-5 August 2018, that includes the installation of temporary regulatory signage including No Stopping, No Parking and Disability Parking Signs between 8am and 6pm, subject to conditions at:

a.      Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay


2.       That the approval provided in Part 1 is subject to:


         a.      separate approvals by NSW Police and RMS being obtained


         b.      implementation of the approved Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Control                  Plan, including the use of signed detours, as designed and implemented by                                                  those with appropriate accreditation


          c.       that the impact of the event be advertised via a notice in the local weekly paper a             minimum of one week prior to the operational impacts taking effect, noting it                   must include the event name, specifics of any traffic impacts or road closures                 and times, alternative route arrangements, event organiser, a personal contact                name and a telephone number for all event related enquiries or complaints


         d.      the event be notified on Council’s webpage


         e.      the event organiser:


i.   undertake consultation with community and affected businesses including adequate response/action to any raised concerns


ii.  undertake consultation with emergency services and any identified issues addressed


iii.  hold $20m public liability insurance cover which is valid for the event



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried unanimously.

Smith, Cameron, Brigg and Makejev voted in favour of the motion.

Nil voted against the motion.






There being no further business the meeting concluded on Wednesday 6 June 2018, 1:53pm