Minutes of Meeting










Heritage Panel Meeting





Conference Room, Station Street, Mullumbimby


Thursday, 14 November 2019












Heritage Panel Meeting Minutes                                                   14 November 2019




Minutes of the Heritage Panel Meeting held on Thursday, 14 November 2019

File No: I2019/1875


PRESENT:   Cr B Cameron, Cr J Martin

Staff:   Chris Larkin ( Manager Sustainable Development) Jordan Vickers (Planner Sustainable Development)


Members:       Chris Cooney (Mullumbimby/Brunswick Valley Historical Society)
Don Osborne (Bangalow Historical Society)

                        Robyn Wright

                        Joe Vescio


John Dunn was invited to the meeting (Brunswick Progress Association)



Cr Cameron,  (Chair) opened the meeting at 9:am and acknowledged that the meeting was being held on Bundjalung Country.




Cr Alan Hunter, Shannon Burt (Director Sustainable Environment and Economy), Robert Sampimon (Byron Bay Historical Society), Don Osborne (Bangalow Historical Society),  .


Declarations of Interest – Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary


There were no declarations of interest.


Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meetings



That the minutes of the Heritage Panel Meeting held on 3 July 2018 be confirmed.




Note: The minutes of the meeting held on [3 July,2018]] were noted, and the Committee Recommendations adopted by Council, at the Ordinary Meeting held on [23 August, 2019]. (this note is only required if relevant ie a Panel meeting does not necessarily need to be reported to Council.)


Business Arising from Previous Minutes


There was no business arising from previous minutes.











Staff Reports - Sustainable Environment and Economy

Report No. 4.1             Brunswick Head Town Centre Field Trip

File No:                        I2019/1761


Committee Recommendation:

That the Heritage Panel note that outcomes of the field trip discussed on the day will be presented in a report to the next available Heritage Panel meeting.



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.





There being no further business the meeting concluded at 11:00am.