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Extraordinary local Traffic Committee Meeting



An Extraordinary Local Traffic Committee Meeting of Byron Shire Council will be held as follows:



Via Email


16 -23 April 2020


Electronic Meeting

Committee Members

Ian Shanahan – Transport for NSW

Snr Constable Chris Davis – Police

Cr Basil Cameron

Tamara Smith MP









Phillip Holloway

Director Infrastructure Services                                                                                           I2020/577

                                                                                                                                    Distributed 17/04/20




Extraordinary Ilocal Traffic Committee Meeting





1.    Apologies

2.    Declarations of Interest – Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary

3.    Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meetings

3.1       Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on 10 March 2020

4.    Matters Arising

5.    Outstanding Issues/Resolutions

6.    Regulatory Matters

6.1       Parking time limits -South Beach Rd, Brunswick Heads.................................................. 3  



Local Traffic Committee Meeting                                                                                    6.1



Regulatory Matters


Report No. 6.1             Parking time limits -South Beach Rd, Brunswick Heads

File No:                        I2020/555



In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and concerns about the public not adhering to recommended requirements for social distancing and minimal travel, Mayor Richardson has used his delegated authority under section 266 (d) of the LGA  to introduce new parking restrictions to the area east of South Arm Bridge, Brunswick Heads.

This decision was made by the Mayor following Local Area Emergency Management Committee meetings, and signage changed on 9 April.

Figure 1. shows the signage proposed by Council Staff for installation. It is noted that these signs have already been installed prior to the Easter Long weekend to act as a deterrent and are subject to LTC review and comments.


Figure 1. Signage plan


This report seeks LTC support for the “South Beach Parking Area” parking changes that were  implemented 9/4/2020 and the  signage installed in the locations shown in Figure 1.


·    2P Parking Area  5am-7am Monday to Sunday

·    No Parking Area 7pm-5am

·    End 2P Parking Area

·    End No Parking Area

·    removal of existing regulatory parking signs








That Council implement 2P parking time limits  in South Beach Road and South Beach Lane from 5am – 7am Monday to Sunday, and No Parking 7pm - 5am with signage as per signage plan in Figure 1.