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Costs and infrastructure required at The Cavanbah Centre for a proposed Freedom Camping Trial



The mechanics

1.   Freedom Campers would be located at the Ewingsdale Road end of the car park (see the diagram above). This will ensure current users are not impacted by the trial and this location supports the existing water and sewerage infrastructure available.

2.   The highlighted area allows for twenty vans per night and a capacity of 60 people (a spacing of 2.5m per vehicle is required for fire safety)

3.   Freedom Campers to access the site from 6pm to 9am, seven days a week. 

4.   Campers can stay for a maximum of four consecutive nights.

5.   Camping will cost $10 per vehicle, per night.

6.   Campers will pay for a ticket using an installed permit machine.

7.   Security will patrol the site twice nightly to ensure campers have purchased tickets and no anti-social or illegal behaviour is taking place at the centre.


Infrastructure required

The following infrastructure is required to accommodate Freedom Campers:

1.   Amenities:

a.   An amenities block within 50m of the camping site, containing the following infrastructure:

b.   1 x disabled toilet

c.   2 x unisex toilets

d.   4 x coin operated showers (2 x female, 2 x male)

e.   These facilities would be cleaned and restocked with supplies twice a day.

2.   Waste:

a.   6 x 240L waste bins

b.   6 x 240L recycling bins

c.   The waste would be collected weekly (and reviewed monthly to ensure demand is being met)


3.   Signage:

a.   2 signs at The Cavanbah demarcating the Freedom Camping area

b.   Signage at the Freedom Camping ‘hot spots’ in town encouraging campers to relocate to The Cavanbah Centre

c.   Signage at the entrance to The Cavanbah Centre


Budget to operate a 12 month Freedom Camping Trial at The Cavanbah Centre








Assumption – an average of 15 vans per night at a cost of $10 per van



Operational Funds

Funds not identified


Total income









12 month Freedom Camping trial at The Cavanbah site:


Waste Management (12 bins)



Cleaning (amenities block, car park and nature reserves (2-3 hours a day)

Risk Management and Contingency

Section 64 contribution for Water and Sewer costs (fees could be waived for the trial period)

Amenities block

Plumbing water and sewer - amenities block

Development Application

Permit machine


Total Cost including Section 64 contributions

Total Cost excluding Section 64 contributions











$14,670.11 per site x 20 sites

= $293,400 










Marketing education campaign

Social Media

Digital campaign


Intermediary consultation and partnering with holiday parks, backpacker hostels, Wicked Vans, Jucy Vans and the Byron Visitor Centre

Data collection and monitoring






Cost of regulatory staff to patrol Byron Bay ‘hot spots’ and move people on to the Cavanbah Centre and issue infringements to non-complying van packers.






Total Expenses



Income – Expenses (net cost to Council)

$224,077 Revenue is estimated at $54,600