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Local Traffic Committee Meeting



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Monday, 11 October 2021



Committee Members

Penny Sutton – Transport for NSW

Detective Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe  – Police

Cr Basil Cameron

Tamara Smith MP







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Local Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes                                    11 October 2021



Report of the Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on Monday, 11 October 2021

File No: I2021/1715


Meeting Commenced:          N/A (Electronic Meeting)



Councillor:  Cr Basil Cameron

Transport for NSW: Penny Sutton

Police: Detective Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe

Tamara Smith MP (represented by Siobhan Foley)


Minutes Taker:  Michelle Wilcox



There were no apologies.


Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest raised.


Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meetings



That the minutes of the Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on 5 October 2021 be confirmed.





Matters Arising


Outstanding Issues/Resolutions


Regulatory Matters

Report No. 6.1           Change of Date - Byron Lighthouse Run 2021

File No:                       I2021/1632



LTC previously reviewed this event at the 15th June LTC meeting and recommended supporting the event.  The event was approved for Sunday 24th October 2021. Organisers now request a change of date to Sunday 21st November 2021.

The event competitor numbers has also been reduced from 750 down to 600 participants.

The event organisers have updated their Traffic Management Plan to dates supporting the 21st November event. This TMP is attached.



The annual Byron Lighthouse Run is proposed to be held on Sunday 21st November 2021.  It is a fun run and walk to raise money for charity.  The event will operate on the same course and design as the 2019 event.

The Byron Lighthouse Run 2021 is expected to attract approximately 600 participants.

The Byron Lighthouse Run features participation in the following categories: 10km Fun Run, 6km Walk, 1km Kids Dash. Note that the 1km Kids Dash will be contained entirely within Dening Park and will not extend onto the road reserve.



As seen in the maps below the 10km run course and 6km walk course extend along Lawson St and Lighthouse Road up to the Lighthouse. This means access in and out of Wategos will require traffic management which must be formalised through the TCP.



Full details of the submitted Traffic Management Plan are provided in attachment 1 with planned road closures (and hours of closure) shown in the table below.

Outgoing traffic from within the closed Lighthouse precinct will be guided by traffic control to the Lawson Street and Massinger Street intersection.  Escorts will be available throughout the closure; the mobile number to arrange escort in advance is disseminated in all community consultation collateral.  Motorists will be advised to proceed with caution, hazard lights on, and windows down until they reach the Lawson Street roundabout.

In the case of a major community incident such as terrorism, the event will be put on hold until the Race Director and Police determine when the event is safe to continue.  Emergency services will maintain right of way.


The race proposes to centre on Clarkes Beach Car Park with the car park forming the start and finish point.  Event registration and first aid is also based at the car park and additional toilets located there.

The applicant states they will reopen Clarkes Beach at 9am.  It is recommended to state in the recommendations that Clarkes Beach is to be open to the public by 9am.

The following recommendation is the same as those adopted previously.  Dates have been changed.


Committee Comments

Police: Detective Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe: Supports the item with the following comments…

I note the event under item 1 starts at 0700 but did not read how long the roads will be closed.

This event will also require a COVID safety plan and I believe will be subject to vaccination conditions as it is prior to 01/12/21.  Police will need this information and mitigation before any ‘Police Approvals’


Tamara Smith MP (represented by Siobhan Foley): Supports the item

Councillor:  Cr Basil Cameron:  Supports the item

Transport for NSW: Penny Sutton: Supports the item with to the following suggestions…

1.    TfNSW suggests that there be a line (in the LTC recommendation) to say that it recommends (to the elected body of Councillors) that the signs, markings and devices necessary to effect the temporary road closures for the event, also be approved.

2.    This indicates that the LTC not only recommends that the elected Council approve the event, subject to the noted conditions, but that it recommends the implementation of the signs, markings and devices necessary to temporarily quarantine the public road space for the event.

3.    TfNSW also notes the council approval process for the temporary road closures for the event in accordance with the “Delegation to Councils - Regulation of Traffic”.

4.    P48- it is suggested that the sign be changed to read ‘Special Event’ not ‘Special Racing Event’.  A road event that includes “Racing or Time Trials” requires areas to have full road closures in place.


Management Comments

To support Police comments: Point 4 of the recommendation indicates the applicant must obtain separate approvals from the Police and TfNSW.  This should address the requirement to submit a Covid Safety Plan and associated mitigation measures


To support TfNSW comments: Staff amended point 4 as shown in the recommendation below.  This will help Council address TfNSW comments relating to approving signs, marking and devices.  Staff agree with the comment relation to page 48 of the agenda and will pass the comment onto Council’s Event team.



That Council support the 21 November 2021 Byron Lighthouse Run, subject to:-

1.     Traffic guidance Scheme(s) and a Traffic Management Plan being designed and implemented by those with the appropriate and relevant TfNSW accreditation.


2.     The road closures and hours of closure in accordance with the submitted Traffic Management Plan in Attachment 1 (E2021/126632).


3.     Clarkes Beach car park open to the public by 9am. Alternatively, if car park is to be closed to the public after 9am an application is to be made to Council to occupy the car park and relevant application fees and parking fees are to be paid to Council prior to the event commencing.


4.    Separate approvals from:

i) Council for Section 138 approval

ii) NSW Police - a COVID safety plan to be submitted to Police prior to any Police Approval 

iii) TfNSW, as required

iv) Cape Byron Headland Trust being obtained.


5. The event organiser:-

i)     advertising the impact of the event via a notice in the local weekly paper a minimum of one week prior to the operational impacts taking effect, noting it must include the event name, specifics of any traffic impacts or road closures and times, alternative route arrangements, event organiser, a personal contact name and a telephone number for all event related enquiries or complaints;

ii)    providing copy of the advert for Council's web page;

iii)   informing community and businesses that are directly impacted (e.g. adjacent to the event), including the Beach Byron Bay Café and North Coast Holiday Park Clarkes Beach, via written information which is delivered to the property in a timely manner so as to document, consider and respond to any concerns raised;

iv)   arranging for private property access and egress affected by the event;

v)    liaising with bus and taxi operators and ensuring arrangements are made for provision of services during conduct of the event;

vi)   consulting with emergency services with any identified issues being addressed;

vii)  holding $20m public liability insurance cover which is valid for the event; and payment of Council’s Road Event application fee prior to the event.



Development Applications

Report No. 7.1           Mercato on Byron - Amendment to Development Consent Conditions of Approval

File No:                       I2021/1608


An initial report was submitted to the August LTC meeting where the following was recommended and adopted by Council.  The purpose of this report is to address item 2 from the resolution:

1.      That Local Traffic Committee supports in principle the removal of the Roundabout Treatment at the intersection of Jonson St & Carlyle St intersection from condition 23e) of DA10.2013.587.1 (as amended).

2.      That LTC be provided with updated plans and details including pedestrian facility in original approved location, bus stop, taxi rank, motorcycle parking with relation to regulatory signage for consideration and recommendations for approval at the next LTC meeting.

3.      That a priority with supporting signage is established to the crossover to pedestrians and cyclists.

Council’s Development Engineers forwarded the August LTC comments to the applicant who amended the plans.  These amended plans were then sent through to TfNSW for comment prior to this submission to LTC.

Below is a summary of the TfNSW comments and a summary of the applicant’s response is shown in italics explaining on how these requests have been considered in the attached plans:

1.   Replace Give Way sign with Stop sign at departure of development which will force drivers to give way to pedestrians – and use associated TF solid hold line at intersection.

‘The plans will be updated to show the Stop Line and sign, as per TfNSW.’

Staff Comments: Installation of Stop sign will provide for increased pedestrians safety.

2.   Remove large median from the Carlyle Street turning bay and replace with black hatching in the centre median.  This is intended to allow heavy vehicles to be able to turn – as well as allowing more right-turning vehicles to queue.

‘The plan will be updated as requested, but to note that the traffic median will only be 600mm wide and a narrow ‘Keep Left’ sign will need to be used. (as requested by TfNSW)’

Note: While this is not a regulatory matter this accords with comments made at the August LTC meeting.


3.   Ensure the pedestrian refuge meets requirements of TD2011/09. Handrails should also be included for cyclists.

‘The plans will be updated to include the handrails as requested by TfNSW however it is noted that cyclists should not be using this crossing, as it is for pedestrians and the handrails may encourage cyclists to cycle across (not dismount).’

Note: TfNSW road rules require cyclists to dismount when crossing a pedestrian crossing unless bike traffic signals are provided.  Ensuring design is in accordance with the relevant TfNSW technical direction to be managed via the Roads Act approval process.  It is noted that TD2011/09 appears to be superseded.

4.   Install advance warning signs (W6-1 and W8-15) for the pedestrian refuge ensuring the distance from the signs to the refuge complies with AS1742.

‘These signs have not been included, as Jonson Street is in the Town Centre of Byron Bay and drivers will expect to see pedestrians wishing to cross the road along this stretch of street. In addition, there are no other warning signs for the other pedestrian crossings in the town centre.’

‘The addition of signs will add to the existing sign clutter and may draw the drivers focus to the signs rather than the street environment itself.’

5.   The 2P parking signs on the southern side of Johnson would be difficult to read for a driver.

‘These parking signs are the regulatory signs required for on-street parking and are the same as the existing on Jonson Street. These signs have not be amended.’

Staff consider the applicant has reasonably addressed the matters raised during the August LTC meeting and subsequent TfNSW feedback listed above.

Amended design plans can be found at attachments 1 and 2. Attachments 3 and 4 are provided as supporting documentation to show adequate access to and from the site.



Committee Comments

Police: Detective Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe: Supports the item


Tamara Smith MP (represented by Siobhan Foley): Supports the item




Councillor: Cr Basil Cameron: Submitted the following comments:

1.    The condition refers to signage, yet the proponent declined to include this. I’d be inclined to say it should be provided if the crossing is not supporting with line markings?

2.    Is the road surface ramped at all?


Transport for NSW: Penny Sutton: Supports the item. The comments below are suggested to be considered:

1.    Installation of Stop Line –

On plans on p69 it is suggested that the wording should be changed from SL to TF (Transverse Full)

2.    Centre median proposal – plan on p69
It is suggested the Continuity Line should only be marked to the end of the concrete median. Turning Arrows (AR-3c) are not normally placed beyond the end of the right turn lane in NSW. It is suggested the leftmost arrow should not be included and the middle arrow should be moved to the end of the concrete median.
Keep Left sign – the sign shown has been superseded by sign R2-3AA (a smaller Keep Left sign).
Edges of painted islands is line-type E5 (as per Delineation Manual) 150mm wide.
“CL” line should be C1.

3.    Handrails on pedestrian refuge - The Technical Direction TD2011/09 should read “TD2011/01a”.
The comments that there may be cyclist movement through the refuge are noted, however the handrails are provided to aid mobility impaired pedestrian road users. The holding rails should also be installed centrally within the median. The inclusion of handrails is a requirement in the above Technical Direction TDT2011/01a.

4.    Installation of Advance Warning signs for the pedestrian refuge – TfNSW suggests that, at the least, these signs should be installed for westbound traffic as vegetation in the median may mask pedestrians waiting in the median. It is also suggested that Council should regularly maintain the vegetation in the median at this location to prevent a safety hazard for pedestrians.

5.    2P parking signs on the southern side of Johnson St - The numerous lines of small text would make the signs hard to read and comprehend, however if they are used elsewhere in Byron Bay with no concern, then no further comment. Typically in NSW, R5-501 signs would be mounted in landscape orientation on top of (for example) the R5-400 “No Stopping” and the R5-2 “2P” sign (both would be mounted in portrait orientation) with the word “COUPON, METER or TICKET” added immediately below the “2P”, as well as the times and days that apply to the site.


Management Comments

To support TfNSW suggestions:

Staff have amended the recommendation to include items i) and ii) as shown below to support TfNSW comments.


To support Cr Cameron questions:

Item ii) of the recommendation will ensure signage is provided as TfNSW suggested.

Kerb ramps will be provided as part of the blisters / road build outs and centre refuge to ensure accessible access.




That Council approve the regulatory signs and lines as presented within the design plans presented in documents E2021/123595 and E2021/123596 with the following amendments:

i)                    Attachment E2021/123595 be amended as follows:

a.    change line type SL to TF

b.    Turning Arrows (AR-3c) not to extend beyond the end of the right turn lane

c.    Replace proposed pole mounted Keep Left Sign R2-209 with R2-3AA

d.    Continuity Line CL to be C1 Line type

ii)            Attachment E2021/123596 be amended as follows:

a.    Pedestrian refuge to be designed and constructed in accordance with TfNSW technical direction TDT2011/01a

b.    Install Pedestrian Refuge Advance Warning signs facing north bound traffic




There being no further business the meeting concluded at N/A (Electronic Meeting).