Minutes of Meeting

Extraordinary Local Traffic Committee Meeting


Conference Room, Station Street, Mullumbimby


Thursday, 14 July 2022








Phillip Holloway

Director Infrastructure Services



Extraordinary Local Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes             14 July 2022



MINUTES of the Extraordinary Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on Thursday, 14 July 2022

File No: I2022/871



Meeting Commenced: 11.35am



Transport for NSW: Ken Saxby

NSW Police: Detective Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe

Siobhan Foley on behalf of Tamara Smith MP

Staff:  Phillip Holloway, Chris Larkin, Jeff Begovic, Judd Cornwall, Kirk Weallans



Councillor:  Michael Lyon

Staff:  Evan Elford


Transport for NSW:  John Carey


Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest raised. or

Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meetings

Not applicable.  Minutes to be adopted at next formal Local Traffic Committee meeting.

Matters Arising


Outstanding Issues/Resolutions




Regulatory Matters

Report No. 5.2           Traffic Management Plan - Splendour in the Grass Campground at Bluesfest, 35 Yarun Road, Tyagarah

File No:                       I2022/858


Due to wet weather and floods at North Byron Parklands, part of the site is unsuitable for camping purposes associated with this year’s Splendour in the Grass Festival. (SITG) As such camping is now proposed for up to 6000 patrons at the Bluesfest Site, 35 Yarun Road, Tyagarah. The Bluesfest site has approval for large events for up to 10 days with a maximum of 30,000 patrons, medium sized events for a further 10 days with a maximum of 15000 patrons and 100 days of small events with a maximum of 2000 patrons per year under development consent DA10.2017.754.6. 

A S4.55 modification application has been lodged to amend the Bluesfest Consent (DA10.2014.753.7) to enable this camping arrangement to occur this year. The applicants also belatedly amended the proposed modification on the 8 July 2022 to facilitate park and ride for day patrons totalling around 2750 people plus 1050 volunteers.

The applicants TIA suggests day patron traffic to and from the site will generate some 4,400 vehicle trips per day.

Based on a total of 9800 people to be shuttled to SITG each day this equates to a minimum of 140 bus movements each way (assuming the buses are full – 55 seated and 15 standing). The TIA indicates that the buses are unlikely to be full all the time so the maximum number is difficult to predict but could be up to 200 movements. Similarly, as the event comes to a close each evening an equivalent number of bus movements each way would be expected back to the Bluesfest site.

At the time of writing this report (8/7/22) the S4.55 assessment is yet to be completed, however due to time constraints and noting general sentiment from the elected Council to assist such development (See Res 22 – 228 point 3 dated 23/6/22), the TMP is put forward for LTC consideration accordingly. Further Resolution 22-325 Resolved at the same meeting the following specifically:

22-325 Resolved

That Council:

1.      Upon receipt of a Traffic Control Plan/Traffic Management Plan from the applicant convenes an extraordinary Local Traffic Committee meeting to consider it as part of the supporting documents for DA10.2014.753.7 - 2 Tanner Lane Tyagarah 2481 - S4.55 to Modify Condition 13 to allow the Camping ground to be operated in support of the Splendour in the Grass 2022 event and operate two days either side.

2.      Delegates to the General Manager pursuant to the Local Government Act 1993, the authority: a) to approve any Minutes issued following the extraordinary Local Traffic Committee referred to in 1. b) to determine DA10.2014.753.7 - 2 Tanner Lane Tyagarah 2481 - S4.55 to Modify Condition 13 to allow the Camping ground to be operated in support of the Splendour in the Grass 2022 event and operate two days either side.

3.      Communicates its desire for the most environmentally sensitive areas of the Bluesfest campgrounds not be used as part of this approval and that buses be used as part of the traffic management plan for the transport of patrons between the two sites. (Lyon)

As discussed, the S4.55 Assessment is yet to be completed, but it is likely conditions 13 and 61 are to be amended in the following manner with an additional condition 13A inserted into the consent (see yellow highlight) as per below. Should these conditions be updated and amended further prior to the LTC, an update will be provided prior to the meeting.

Proposed Amended Conditions of Consent

13.    Camping ground

The camping ground to be operated in accordance with provisions of the Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2005. Section 68 Approval to be obtained under the Local Government Act 1993 from Council. 

The camping ground for patrons is not to be opened for more than 5 days either side of large and medium sized events, and two days either side of smaller events. The camping ground and its operation to comply with the requirements of the Rural Fire Service and as conditioned under the Bushfire Safety Authority issued under Section 100B of the Rural Fires Act 1997. 

Temporary Use of Camping Ground by the Splendour in the Grass Festival 2022

The camping ground can be utilised by the Splendour in the Grass Festival 2022 to accommodate a maximum of 6000 campers from the 20th July 2022 to 26th July 2022 all inclusive.

The camp ground is approved with up to twelve mobile food and beverage providers/ venders. Alcohol sales prohibited on site.  


13A    Use of Bluesfest Site for Park and Ride Parking by the Splendour in the Grass Festival 2022

The Bluesfest Site can be used for park and ride by up to 2750 festival patrons and 1050 volunteers in addition to camping for 6000 patrons. Free shuttle buses to be provided in sufficient number and regularity to and from the Splendour in the Grass Festival site to ferry patrons and volunteers with delays of no more than 30 minutes.


61.    Transport Management Plan

The submission of a Transport Management Plan (TMP) prepared in accordance with the “Guide to Traffic and Transport Management for Special Events”, to Council for approval at least 90 days prior to the commencement of the first event under Stage 1. The Transport Management Plan to be broken into three parts to delineate management measures for small, medium and large events. The plan to be robust to enable it to be used for a variety of small, medium and large events annually.

a)      The Transport Management Plan must include, but not be limited to:

i.     Details for the efficient management of parking, including provision for overflows from the southern parking area to the northern parking area. The management of overflow parking must ensure that the overflow vehicles exit the site from where they entered the site.

ii.    A contingency plan for unplanned incidents that may disrupt traffic and transport before, during or after the event. The contingency plan must be fully documented and include emergency contact names and phone numbers.

i.     A copy of an approved Traffic Control Plan.

b)      The Traffic Control Plan (TCP) must address the following matters:

i      The TCP must be designed in accordance with the requirements of the Roads and Maritime Services’ Manual, Traffic Control at Work Sites Version 2, and the current Australian Standards, Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Part 3, ‘Traffic Control Devices for Works on Roads’.

ii      The TCP must be prepared by a suitably qualified and RMS accredited Work Site Traffic Controller.

iii     The regulation of traffic must be authorised under the Roads Act 1993 and the use of traffic control devices authorised under the Road Transport (Safety & Traffic Management) Act 1999.

iv     Reduced speed zones must be approved by the Roads and Maritime Services. 

v     There is to be no impact on through travel times on the pacific Highway

vi     The TCP must incorporate a monitoring program to assess the traffic volumes and peak parking numbers associated with each event. Twenty four hour traffic counts are to be undertaken before, during and after the first two medium and large events (and as further required by Council or the Roads and Maritime Service) for the traffic on the frontage and surrounding roadways. Such report must include details demonstrating compliance with the conditions of consent relating to traffic management including the requirements of the RMS provided below. From time to time aerial photography of the site and surrounds at regular intervals before during and after the event, including peak traffic and parking periods should be undertaken to support the traffic monitoring report.

vii    The TCP must provide for all relevant conditions of the Roads and Maritime Services.

viii   The TCP must be submitted to the Local Traffic Committee prior to approval under the Roads Act 1993 and adequate time must be allowed for this to occur and for the preparation of any necessary reports and amendments necessary to meet the Local Traffic Committee recommendations.

ix     The TCP must satisfactorily address any concerns or issues raised by the Council, Police and/or Roads and Maritime Services from previous events.

x     The TCP must ensure access to surrounding and neighbouring properties at all times including the wrecker and service station. 

xi     The TCP must provide appropriate signage to prohibit parking in the surrounding road network and to prohibit access to the airport by festival patrons. Adequate provision must be made to allow residents of Grays Lane to park in Tanner Lane near the end of Grays Lane when through access is closed due to flood. Permanent  “No Parking” signs in Grays Lane from the Pacific Highway to the Tyagarah Nature Reserve boundary will be considered as a permanent management arrangement.

xii    Entrance to Grays Lane East of Yarun Road to be restricted to residents and their guests for the duration of the festival to prevent the parking of vehicles in Grays Lane.

xiii   The TCP to factor in that local roads operate a Level of Service D or better between the hours of 8am and 8pm on event days. The ramps of the Gulgan Road Interchange with the Pacific Highway to operate at Level of Service C or better at event times  (See Figure 3.1 Levels of Service Flow rates Austroads Guide to Traffic Management Part 3 and Highway Capacity Manual)

xiv   The TCP to include provision so that Traffic queuing on the Gulgan road off ramps does not exceed stopping sight distances for 110 km/h speeds. (See RMS supplements and Austroads Guide to road Design Part 3 Section 5.3.1 for stopping sight distances)

c)      The Transport Management Plan and Traffic Control Plans to be reviewed on an annual basis and where required such plans to be updated accordingly taking into consideration changing traffic conditions, altered management arrangements and other issues as identified by the Roads and Maritime Service, Council or the Regulatory Working Group to ensure the safety and efficiency of the road network.

d)      The Transport Management Plan and Traffic Guidance Scheme for the temporary use of the camping ground in conjunction with the Splendour in the Grass Festival is to be reviewed at the end of the event and a report prepared by a suitably qualified traffic engineer to identify the effectivity and performance of the Traffic Management Plan including measures to improve the safety and efficiency of the surrounding road network. The report shall be submitted to Council and reviewed by the Splendour in the Grass/ North Byron Parklands Regulatory Working Group


·   Access/ Egress from, and to, the Pacific Highway to Grays Lane to be closed in the future by the RMS, and opened only to limited event traffic should approval be given. The Transport Management Plan and Traffic Control Plan to reflect proposed changes to this intersection.

· Traffic management documents to be in accordance with current standards and terminology as stipulated by TfNSW.


2022 Traffic Management Plan Summary

A S138 application has been submitted with a Traffic Management Plan for the campgrounds operation. A copy of the documentation can be found in Attachment 1. It is noted traffic from campers once they have arrived will predominantly be between the Bluesfest Camp Ground at Tyagarah and the SITG Festival Site at Yelgun to the north. Initial arrivals and departures of campers at the start and finish is assumed to be evenly split to the north and south of the camp ground. 

Considering the site accommodates Bluesfest with more than 20,000 patrons with a similar number of campers as proposed, it is considered that traffic can be adequately managed for only 6000 people plus the volunteers and day patrons. It is anticipated the bulk of these will move between the camp ground and the event site by shuttle bus operated by SITG.

It is assumed the operators of SITG have access to a suitable number of buses to move patrons between the two sites, as there is a risk that patrons if delayed in getting onto a bus will attempt to drive, walk or hitchhike to the festival site and or return by a similar fashion as the event comes to a close each night back to the camp ground. Walking and hitchhiking on the highway at any time would not be encouraged or permitted. Proposed Condition 13 is aimed at addressing this issue.   

The TMP and TGS is recommended for endorsement below. It is noted Council’s role in this approval relates specifically to roads under its control. Separate approval will need to be obtained from NSW Police and TfNSW for signage on the state road network as per recommendation 1(a) below.   


Committee Comments

Transport for NSW: the TCP references an out of date version of the NSW Traffic Control at Worksites manual,  the current version is 6.1.  Any reference to RMS should be TfNSW.

Management Comments



Committee Recommendation:

1.       That Council endorses the regulatory traffic management facilities and devices, including signs and traffic controller provisions proposed for the Council controlled public road network as outlined in attachments 1 (E2022/62160), for the use of the Bluesfest site as a Camp Ground and for park and ride in association with the Splendour in the Grass 2022 event from Wednesday 20 July 2022 to Tuesday 26 July 2022, subject to:

a)      Separate approvals by NSW Police and TfNSW being obtained, noting that the event is on a state road or may impact the state road network;


b)      The event be held through the implementation of the events Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Control Plan(s) as per attachments 1 (E2022/62160); 


c)      The Traffic Management Plan and the Traffic Control Plan(s) to be implemented by those with relevant and current TfNSW accreditation;


d)      Traffic camera data recorders or similar be used to obtain an accurate record of traffic impacts at KPI queue locations;



2.      That The event organiser:


i)       inform community and businesses that are directly impacted (e.g. adjacent to the Bluesfest Site) via written information which is delivered to the property in a timely manner so as to document, consider and respond to any concerns raised;


ii)      arrange for private property access and egress affected by the use of the proposed Bluesfest site from camping and Park and Ride;


iii)     liaise with bus and taxi operators and ensuring arrangements are made for provision of services during conduct of the event;


iv)     consult with emergency services and any identified issues be addressed;


v)      holding $20m public liability insurance cover which is valid for the period of Camping and Park and Ride from the Bluesfest Site.



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.


Report No. 5.1           New Intersection on Bangalow Road

File No:                       I2022/840


This matter was considered at the Local Traffic Committee (LTC) Meeting of 14 June 2022, where the committee recommended deferring a decision until further reporting has been submitted to a future LTC meeting.

The LTC comments were:

1. Return report to show correct signage (“no stopping” R5400);

2. Consider left turn only and stop sign from new road onto Bangalow Road; and

3. Advise on the purpose of the no stopping signage and the consultation that had occurred.

The purpose of this LTC report is to gain support for the proposed regulatory signage and line markings shown in attachment 1.

In response and explanation to the committees comments above.

1.   No stopping signs R5400 have been revised and updated on the drawing shown in attachment 1.(E2022/63543)

2.   Intersection design and review was undertaken as part of the development application assessment with comment from TfNSW, and conditioned accordingly, refer below. Further review was carried out on the detailed design submitted with the S138 Road Act application in consultation with TfNSW and TfNSW concurrence was granted 6.7.22, refer Attachment 2 (E2022/62991).

3.   Consultation occurred as part of TfNSW concurrence in regard to on-street parking within the functional area of the intersection to be identified on detailed plans, as provided in attachment 1, no stopping signs have been provided to achieve safe site distances when cars are leaving the site. 

From previous report:

Council has received a Roads Act application associated with a development approval for Multi Dwelling Housing comprising five dwellings with plunge pools.  Bangalow Road is a regional road MR545.  As part of the approved D.A (10.2019.20.1) consent condition 11 imposed the following requirement:

11. Consent required for works within the road reserve

Consent from Council must be obtained for works within the road reserve pursuant to Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993.  Three (3) copies of engineering construction plans must accompany the application for consent for works within the road reserve.  Roads and Maritime’s concurrence is required prior to Council’s approval of works on classified (Regional) roads.

Such plans are to be in accordance with Council’s current Design & Construction Manuals, Austroads Guide to Traffic Management Part 6: Intersections, Interchanges and Crossings and Australian Standard 2890.1 – Off Street Car Parking.  The following are to be provided for the following works:

Full Width Road Construction - Stub upgrade


Full width road and drainage construction from Bangalow Road and up to the development lot. The following must be provided:

a)   6.0m wide carriageway;

b)   Kerb & gutter on both sides;

c)   Footpath on one side

d)   Electrical & telecommunication services; and

e)   Drainage.


New intersection connection to the main carriageway of the Bangalow Road (Regional Road)


Detailed design shall include:-

a)   construction design;

b)   sight distances;

c)   swept paths;

d)   treatments for turning traffic; and

e)   consideration given to pedestrians and cyclists, and connection to public transport.

Given the proximity of Paterson Street the concept design should include both intersections and demonstrate integration of the proposed treatment with the existing intersection.


The purpose of this LTC report is to gain Council support for the proposed regulatory signage and line markings only shown in attachment 1.

There are no conditions of consent limiting access to only a left in left out arrangement.

TfNSW have granted concurrence for the intersection design as proposed.

Committee Comments

Refer Transport for NSW comments in marked up plan attached to these Minutes.

Management Comments



Committee Recommendation:

That the Local Traffic Committee:

1.      Endorses the proposed intersection plans as per marked up plan and comments provided by Transport for NSW.

2.     The conditions of approval for the Roads Act Consent include provisions for a reseal of the area to be line marked for safety reasons.


The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.



Matters for Traffic Engineering Advice

Report No. 6.1           Tennyson Street - No Parking Area Extension

File No:                       I2022/721


As part of the Tennyson Street – Shared Path works in Byron Bay, several pedestrian crossings have been upgraded with addition of pedestrian refuges and new lines and signs.

Current No Parking areas on both sides of road at the crossing on Tennyson Street near Ruskin Lane, need to be extended to comply with AS1742 and the Technical direction TDT 2011/01a Pedestrian Refuges.  The technical direction recommends at least 20 metres of no parking in both directions on both sides of the road.

Attachment 1 (E2022/55546) provides details of the proposed change for Local Traffic Committee review and support.


Committee Comments


Management Comments



Committee Recommendation:

That the Local Traffic Committee supports the No Stopping areas proposed in Attachment 1 (E2022/55546) associated with the new pedestrian crossing on Tennyson Street adjacent to Ruskin Lane in accordance with Technical Note 2011/01A.


The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.




There being no further business the meeting concluded at 11.58am.