Minutes of Meeting

Local Traffic Committee Meeting



Conference Room, Station Street, Mullumbimby


Tuesday, 15 November 2022







Local Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes                                 15 November 2022



MINUTES of the Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on Tuesday, 15 November 2022

File No: I2022/1671


Meeting Commenced:   2.07pm



Transport for NSW: Alexie Miller, Greg Aitken

Byron Shire Council : James Flockton on behalf of Cr Michael Lyon

Staff:  Judd Cornwall (Traffic Engineer), Shelley Flower, Richard Bradbury.


Online attendees:

NSW Police: Detective Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe

Siobhan Foley on behalf of Tamara Smith MP



Councillor:  Michael Lyon

John Carey (TfNSW)


Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest raised. or


Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meetings



That the minutes of the Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on 11 October 2022 be confirmed.



Matters Arising



Outstanding Issues/Resolutions



Regulatory Matters

Report No. 6.1           Additional information regarding Byron Bay Traffic and Pedestrian Management Strategy for the Christmas & New Years eve Period 2022

File No:                       I2022/1524


Initial planning for the management of Byron Bay traffic and pedestrian safety over the Christmas and New Year period 2022 was presented to the LTC in October 2022.

Transport for NSW requested clarification on the use of the following regulatory signage included in the Traffic Control Plans:

·        "No Entry" signs (at Byron St / Jonson St and in Lateen La)

·        "No Parking" signs in Bay St

·        the "All Traffic Right" sign in Fletcher St at Bay St

This report presents the LTC with details of the signage used in the TCP’s and assurance they conform to regulatory requirements and are endorsed by a qualified authority.

Traffic Control Plans have also been updated to include additional Traffic Controllers in specific places. In consultation with NSW Police there will now be 5 traffic controllers placed on Jonson Street to help manage pedestrian and vehicle movements.  The dates for which this will apply are Wednesday 21 December 2022 to Wednesday 4 Janurary 2023 until 8pm each day.

To clarify some of the signage on the plans:

·        "No Entry" signs (at Byron St / Jonson St and in Lateen Lane): These signs are existing signs already in place and being permanent they abide by all regulations.

·        "No Parking" signs in Bay St – These are supplied and installed by council and meet regulations. Council has authority to install them and they were requested by Police NSW as they are useful in minimising the amount of traffic parked and flowing through this area.

·        The "All Traffic Right" sign in Fletcher St at Bay St – These have been removed from the TCPs as this is another spot with an existing “No Entry” sign so the “All traffic right” sign is unnecessary.  The permanent “No Entry” sign has been added to the plan. The blue arrows in the TCP show the path that vehicles have to take as per the “No Entry” requirement.


Committee Comments

TfNSW:  Suggest Council investigate use of aggressive vehicle barriers for events.

Management Comments



Committee Recommendation:

That the Local Traffic Committee notes:

1.      The type of regulatory signage used in the TCP’s is the appropriate signage endorsed by a qualified authority, and


2.      That updated TCP’s are provided for the information of the Committee showing altered traffic control arrangements, including the addition of Traffic Controllers in key areas over the event period.


The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.



Report No. 6.2           Belongil Parking Scheme Review - New parking limits

File No:                       I2022/1537


Council advises that this Report has been removed from the Agenda as there are errors in the parking layouts which require further work.  This will be reported to a future Local Traffic Committee meeting.



Report No. 6.3           Additional parking restrictions on Short Street, Byron Bay (Road safety)

File No:                       I2022/1540


Short Street is a short (≈80m) residential street in Byron Bay that runs between two minor residential collector streets Massinger Street and Paterson Street.  When vehicles are parked on each side of the road there is not insufficient space for two-way traffic to pass (refer to figure 1).

Residents have advised there has been numerous near misses (head-on) and a recent crash.  There has only been one recorded crash in the last 5 years (minor injury) which was from a vehicle turning left onto Massinger Street, from Short Street and not giving way resulting in a side swipe crash type in the near side lane.

Figure 1: Short Street approach to Massinger Street

Council staff have spoken with residents on-site to discuss their concerns and upon investigation staff have prepared the plan below (figure 2 and attachment 1) to improve safety in the street.

Figure 2: Signs and line instruction order

Committee Comments


Management Comments



Committee Recommendation:

It is recommended that the parking restrictions contained within figure 2 and attached within this report be implemented to increase road safety.



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.



Report No. 6.4           Byron Bay Sleep Bus

File No:                       I2022/1559


The purpose of this report is to obtain endorsement from the Local Traffic Committee for the installation of regulated parking signage to allow for a community initiative (Sleep Bus) to operate on Friday – Sunday, between 8pm and 8am.

The parking signage plan is shown below in figure 1.

Figure 1: Signage plan (Sleep Bus).

Sleep Bus Background

The sleep bus is an organisation that aims to bring safe, temporary, overnight accommodation to people without a residence.

The Sleep Bus is already operating in Queanbeyan, Maroochydore and the ACT.  The Sleep bus has been operational in Queanbeyan for over a year and has provided 839 safe sleeps (beds for the night) for people without homes.

The Sleep Bus operates from 8pm – 8pm, below is a snapshot of the operation schedule (figure 2).

Figure 2: Operational schedule


Committee Comments

TfNSW:  Have the local residents been consulted?

TfNSW: Recommend that Council separate No Stopping signage from parking signage using separate posts.

Management Comments

Council to advise local residents of works prior to Council meeting.


Committee Recommendation:

It is recommended that Local traffic Committee support the installation of the signage shown in figure 1 of report at the intersection of Somerset Street and Wordsworth Street, Byron Bay.



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.




Report No. 6.5           Centennial Circuit One Way System, Byron Bay

File No:                       I2022/1614


On 7 November 2021 Council resolved Resolution 21-478):

Resolved that Council:

1.      Extends the one-way traffic trial for an additional 12 months, or until such time as a permanent solution can be implemented.

2.      Considers a quarterly budget review of $17,900 to commission the design for permanent one-way traffic circulation and to fund the interim trial extension measures.

3.      Continues to consider other opportunities for improving traffic circulation and flow within the Byron Arts and Industry Estate, including further linemarking and the possibility of other one-way streets.

This report seeks approval of the regulatory signage layout for the proposed permanent one way solution.

Council engineering design/traffic staff have assessed the existing one-way trial signage layout and found that while the implemented trial signage has been successful for the temporary arrangement, there are changes to the signs and layout required for the permanent implementation to meet Council/ TfNSW and Australian Standard guidelines.

The proposed layout is shown on in attachment one. Plan Number 2957 – Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay One-Way Permanent Install, Document E2022/107955, Issue B dated 3 November 2022.

During recent site visits by engineering staff, the trial arrangement was discussed informally with some business owners / workers who confirmed that the one-way traffic arrangement has been successful in their opinion and should remain permanent.

Community consultation and feedback was a significant part of the 12 month extension to the trial approved by resolution 21-478.  (Refer to report I2021/1566 that proposed the resolution).

Committee Comments


Management Comments



Committee Recommendation:

That the Local Traffic Committee supports the permanent one-way installation and regulatory signage proposed for Byron Bay Industrial Estate on Centennial Circuit, Brigantine Street, Tasman Way and Wollongbar Street included in Attachment 1 (E2022/107955).


The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.



Report No. 6.6           Mobile Library Suffolk Park, Beech Drive, Suffolk Park

File No:                       I2022/1619


The purpose of this report is to obtain Local Traffic Committee endorsement for the installation of regulatory parking signage (timed no parking), to enable a mobile library to operate from the kerb in Beech Drive, Suffolk Park.

The signage installation plan is contained in figure 1.

Figure 1: Signage installation plan

Committee Comments


Management Comments



Committee Recommendation:

That the Local Traffic Committee endorse the installation of the no parking signage shown in figure 1.



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.



Report No. 6.7           Intersection Reprioritisation - Tincogan Street at Dalley Street and Stuart Street

File No:                       I2022/1632


Current situation

Burringbar Street, which runs through the centre of Mullumbimby has been identified as a high pedestrian activity zone, as such the speed limit has been reduced to 30km/h.

Consequently, Tincogan Street has been identified by most drivers as the northern, east-west through movement corridor around the town centre of Mullumbimby.  This redistribution of traffic was anticipated by the Shires Place and Planning Strategy and Infrastructure Services.

The reprioritisation of the intersections of Dalley / Tincogan Street and Stuart / Tincogan Street is part of a larger scheme to manage the impacts from the Burringbar Street place making treatments, while providing a safe movement corridor around the centre of town.

Another key factor for the reprioritisation of Tincogan Street is that Dalley Street and Stuart Street are currently the only two intersecting streets on Tincogan Street that maintain priority (Tincogan Street gives way).

See locality map in figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Locality Map


The purpose of this report is to obtain Local Traffic Committee endorsement for the proposed priority change to the intersections of Tincogan / Dalley Street and Tincogan / Stuart Street.

A concept for each intersection is shown below, this concept is for visualisation purposes only and will be designed to conform with all the relevant standards and guidelines should endorsement be received.  Further detail can be found in attachment 1 and 2 contained within this document.

Figure 2: Concept layout Tincogan Street and Dalley Street

Figure 3: Concept layout Tincogan St and Stuart St

Figure 4: Current intersection layout

The intersection reprioritisation concepts contained within attachment 1 and 2 of this report were modelled (Sidra intersection analysis) with a 10-year design life.  Analysis has indicated that there is adequate capacity extending beyond 10 years should the change occur.

A detailed traffic study undertaken by Stantec Consulting has also taken place which included a microsimulation model.  This modelling did not include the concept scenarios contained within this report.  The model only considered straight reprioritisation without any additional lanes or median storage potential for right turning drivers from the minor legs.

This microsimulation model indicated there would be no net worsening in terms of performance following 10 years of traffic growth.  This report can be found in attachment 3 (E2022/90532) of this report.

Figure 5: Traffic survey data (intersection count) Dalley St/Tincogan St, 17 June 2021

Figure 6: Traffic survey data (intersection count) Stuart St/Tincogan St, 17 June 2021

Safety (Current situation)

An investigation of the available crash data has indicated that there have been no reported crashes in the last 5-years at either of the subject intersections.  However, there are significant perception issues at both intersections.  When travelling on Tincogan Street drivers have been seen to give-way to through traffic on Tincogan Street from Dalley Street and Stuart Street.

Anecdotally, one reason for this is that the road functionality significantly changes on the northern side of Tincogan, Dalley and Stuarts Streets become residential access streets rather than minor collectors.  Consequently, the intersections almost feel like “T” intersections with Dalley and Stuart Streets forming the minor approaches (south).  This issue is also exacerbated by the fact that on both approaches all other intersections give way to Tincogan Street.

Figure 7: Tincogan St, westbound approach to Dalley St

Associated works

There are a number of works that will be undertaken to facilitate the reprioritisation at the intersection of Tincogan / Dalley Street, these works will include but not be limited to:

·    Removal of the existing kerb ramps north-south on the westbound approach (Tincogan Street)

·    Link new crossing points with footpath and kerb extensions

·    Provide tactile footpath/crossing treatments

·    Provide advanced warning signage (Changed traffic conditions)

·    Pedestrian chanelisation (e.g., fencing, gardening, street furniture)

Figure 7: Associated works (Tincogan St/Dalley St intersection

Committee Comments

Siobhan:  Request that Council consult with community in relation to MRA comments below.


Management Comments

Consultation to be undertaken with the Mullumbimby Residents Association, the Liberty service station and local sight impaired residents prior to implementation.


In addition, Council notes the following comments received from the Mullumbimby Residents Association:


The resolutions from council supporting a mid-block pedestrian crossing and Safe Movement and Access Options Assessment (‘Assessment’) for Tincogan Street between Main Arm Road and Station Street including disability services.


The link to the 5/08/21 council meeting. Agenda of Ordinary (Planning) Meeting - Thursday, 5 August 2021 (infocouncil.biz) and the Minutes Minutes of Ordinary (Planning) Meeting - Thursday, 5 August 2021 (infocouncil.biz)


Council Minutes; Notice of Motion No. 9.10 Pedestrian Access and Safety: Dalley/Tincogan Priority Change File No: I2021/1167 21-293 Resolved that Council:

1. Support the installation of a pedestrian (Zebra) crossing in Tincogan Street Mullumbimby between Dalley Street and Stuart Street, Mullumbimby and that:

a) Staff commence planning, design for the crossing, and seek urgent approval from the LTC for the works.

b) The design and layouts for the mid-block Zebra crossing and associated footpaths be presented to Council’s next available Strategic Planning Workshop.

2. That the Tincogan Street/Dalley Street intersection pedestrian safety upgrades approved by LTC are implemented as per res 21-043 with the priority change deferred until an approved midblock Zebra Crossing has been installed between Dalley Street and Stuart Street.

(Cameron/Lyon) The motion was put to the vote and declared carried.


Committee Recommendation:

That the Local Traffic Committee endorse the reprioritisation of the intersections of Stuart / Tincogan Street and Dalley / Tincogan Street based on the layout contained within attachment 1 (E2022/108371) and 2 (E2022/108372) of this report.



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.



Report No. 6.8           Station Street, Bangalow - Accessible Parking Space

File No:                       I2022/1637


The purpose of this report is to obtain Local Traffic Committee endorsement for the provision of an accessible parking space in Station Street, Bangalow.

The location for the space was identified by a local community group and is situated adjacent the Bangalow RSL club.  There is limited opportunity in the centre of town to provide an accessible parking space due to various geometric issues.

This space will be provided in conjunction with a footpath link from the existing ramp to the path to the south (2m minimum).

Figure 1: Signs plan accessible parking space Station St, Bangalow

Figure 2: Locality map

Committee Comments

NSW Police: Update footpath connection to town.

Management Comments



Committee Recommendation:

That the Local traffic Committee support the provision for an accessible parking space adjacent 19 Station Street, Bangalow.



The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.



There being no further business the meeting concluded at 2.52pm.