Minutes of Meeting

Extraordinary Local Traffic Committee Meeting




Monday, 4 September 2023







Extraordinary Local Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes 4 September 2023



MINUTES of the Extraordinary Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on Monday, 4 September 2023

File No: I2023/1328


Meeting Commenced: The agenda was distributed to the Committee via email on 31 August 2023 for comment by 4 September 2023.



Councillor:  Michael Lyon

Transport for NSW: Alexie Miller

NSW Police: Detective Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe

Tamara Smith MP


Staff:  Judd Cornwall (Traffic Engineer)



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Declarations of Interest

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Report No. 6.1           Chincogan Charge - 16 September 2023

File No:                       I2023/1261


Council has received an application for the Chincogan Charge to be held on Saturday 16 September 2023.

This was previously approved by the Local Traffic Committee (LTC) and by Council resolution 22-084.

Committee Comments

Meeting and endorsement have been conducted via email. Committee members has no issues with the below recommendations.


Management Comments




1.     That the Local Traffic Committee support the Chincogan Charge to be held on Saturday 16 September 2023.

2.      That Council support in Part 1 is subject to:

a)   separate approvals by NSW Police and TfNSW being obtained;

b)  the event organiser providing council with an updated Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Guidance Scheme/s for the event if required;

c)   development and implementation of a Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Guidance Scheme/s by those with appropriate TfNSW accreditation and the holding of current and appropriate levels of insurance and liability cover;

d)  the impact of the event be advertised, and charged at cost to the organisers, via a notice in the local weekly paper and Variable Message Signage (VMS) a minimum of one week prior to the operational impacts taking effect, noting it must include the event name, specifics of any traffic impacts or road closures and times, alternative route arrangements, event organiser, a personal contact name and a telephone number for all event related enquiries or complaints;

e)   the event be notified on Council’s web page and social media with the event organiser supplying Council with the relevant information;

3.      The event organiser to:

a)   inform the community and businesses that are directly impacted (e.g. within road closure zones) via written information which is delivered to the property in a timely manner so as to document, consider and respond to any concerns raised;

b)  arranging for private property access and egress affected by the event;       

c)  liaising with bus, taxi and waste operators and ensuring arrangements are made for provision of services during conduct of the event;

d)  consulting with emergency services and any identified issues be addressed;

e)   holding $20m public liability insurance cover which is valid for the event;

f)   not place any signage on the road related area of the Pacific Highway.

The recommendation was carried.