Minutes of Meeting

Extraordinary Local Traffic Committee Meeting


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Wednesday, 20 December 2023







Extraordinary Local Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes 20 December 2023



MINUTES of the Extraordinary Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 20 December 2023

File No: I2023/2027



Meeting Commenced:

The agenda was distributed to the Committee on Monday, 18 December. Responses were collected by email by 15th January 2024.




Cr M Lyon

Transport for NSW:

Alexie Miller, Greg Aitken


NSW Police:

Detective Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe



Audrey Warren on behalf of Tamara Smith MP



Judd Cornwall (Traffic Engineer)



There were no apologies. or

Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest raised. or


Matters Arising


Outstanding Issues/Resolutions



Regulatory Matters

Report No. 6.1           Upgrade intersection works of Tweed Street and Bayside Way and LATM traffic control devices for new works within the subdivision

File No:                       I2023/1969


The purpose of this report is to gain Council support for the proposed line markings and regulatory signs shown in Attachment 1 (E2023/128712).

Council has received a Roads Act application associated with a development approval for a Staged Subdivision to create One Hundred and Twenty Seven (127) Lots comprising of One Hundred and Twenty Three (123) Residential Lots, Three (3) Medium Density Lots, and One (1) Public Reserve, together with associated Vegetation Management Works (Tree Removal and Compensatory Planting), Earthworks and Construction of Infrastructure at 15 Torakina Road BRUNSWICK HEADS

Conditions 30 a) & l) of development consent 10.2021.575.1 state:

a)      Works at the Intersection of Tweed St and Bayside Way (Civil Stage 1)

·    Formalisation of the left side on exit stand-up kerbing

·    Construction of raised concrete median 1.2m wide (necessitating the requirement for street lighting-see below)

·    Installation of 'Stop' Control (converted from 'Give Way') and

·    Installation of street lighting at intersection.

          l)       Local Area Traffic Management Devices (LATM)

LATM to be provided in accordance with the approved plans and AUSTROADS Guide to Road Design.

Plans have been submitted as part of the Roads Act application to address the above conditions, which include regulatory line marking, signs and traffic devices.



That the Local Traffic Committee supports the signage, line markings and traffic control devices associated with the Bayside way intersection works, and traffic calming signage and devices as shown in Attachment 1 (E2023/128712)

Committee Comments


Management Comments


Committee Recommendation:


The recommendation was put to the vote and declared carried.

There being no further business the meeting concluded at 2.50pm 29th January 2024.